Team merch

Good morning, Scott –

How does the money for team merchandise get divided? Does Kofi get 33% for every New Day unicorn horn that’s sold?

For some reason, I can’t see Hogan sharing the same amount with V.K. Wallstreet for every NWO shirt that was moved, so I imagine there was a discrepancy there.

​I’m pretty sure Rotundo wasn’t seeing any nWo money. Hogan, Hall and Nash would have been smart enough to put the trademark for that stuff into their own names, and I think Nash said he still gets a piece of it today.

As for stuff like the New Day horns, guys get varying percentages based on their contracts, so I’m guessing that Kofi would get a bigger slice than Xavier, for example, although most of the pie goes to WWE either way. It’s more like someone buys a unicorn horn and 90% goes to Vince, 5% to Kofi, 2.5% each to Big E and Woods from what I’ve seen of wrestler contracts. But literally everyone is different. ​