Gary Hart


I was blessed to grow up in Dallas, so I saw PLENTY of Gary Hart. He was an old-school guy, but, like Paul Heyman, he had a knack for maximizing and energizing the talent under his care. For my money, Gary Hart MADE World Class. As a trainer, he had a big hand in developing Kevin, David and Kerry. As a booker he brought in the Freebirds and orchestrated the turn, which started the train moving. As a manager, he MADE guys like Kabuki, One Man Gang, Chris Adams, Gino Hernandez, Al Perez.

He’ll NEVER make the WWE Hall Of Fame because of his heat with the office back in the day, which is a shame. What’s worse is, the corporate rewrite either buries a lot of Hart’s work or credits it to Michael Hayes.

Anyway, his book is one of the best about the period, IMO. Glad you have it.

​Oh man, I made it up to 1975 and the plane crash and his recounting of it is just gut-wrenching stuff. Up to that point I had actually been wondering why he stopped wrestling, and that question was decisively answered. What a tough bastard he was to survive that. I also have way more respect for Jim Barnett and how he treated people after reading about Gary’s dealings with him. And I definitely think Gary should have been in the Hall now, but Bruno didn’t like him, so that was enough to basically exile him for good. It’s such a great book.