Best of the Road Warriors

As there’s some debate today about the quality of matches the LoD could produce, what are some of the best Road Warriors/Legion of Doom matches you can name? For that matter, would they have done well in the tag scene of 1985-1990 WWF against teams like the Bulldogs, Harts, Rockers, and even Demolition?

​Best matches I can think of would tend to be stuff like the match where they won the NWA tag titles from the Midnights (or any of the matches with the various incarnations of the Midnights in general). Their series of matches with the Freebirds had incredible heat and were typically OK. ​They had a match against the Hart Foundation on Coliseum Video where Bret was basically like "Fuck it, we’re going heel" and carried them to a hell of a match, but most of their WWF run was junk. Of course when they went to Japan and got motivated they had some great stuff, especially when they could really lay into guys without fear.

As for the Warriors in the WWF tag scene, I don’t see it. I think they would have gobbled everyone else up and quickly burned out their welcome by looking so dominant that it was no fun any longer. They wouldn’t get the weekly squashes over the pasty dorks like they did on the TBS show, and you can sure as shit bet that someone like Dynamite Kid wasn’t gonna volunteer to go out there and sell for them. Vince would have loved them, but I think they would have lasted a year and moved on because they just weren’t ready for that kind of scene at that point. The NWA had stronger heel teams like the Russians and Horsemen who could more believably oppose them. Plus they couldn’t work Japan with the WWF, and that would probably be a dealbreaker.