WWF Wrestling Challenge – June 5th, 1988

June 5, 1988

From the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, MN

Your hosts are Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon

In action this week are Demolition, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Honky Tonk Man, Koko B. Ware, and Danny Davis



Koko B. Ware vs. Rick Renslow

Koko takes Renslow down with a hip toss as Gorilla taunts Heenan about having his ring attire banned by WWF President Jack Tunney. Koko hits a dropkick as Heenan puts over his athleticism but also says Koko is not too bright. Renslow works over Koko in the corner and his offense looks brutal. Renslow is still in control but that stops when he ducks his head and eats an uppercut. Koko then hits a mssile dropkick before finishing Renslow off with the Ghostbuster (3:50).

Thoughts: They were still somewhat teasing the Koko/Heenan feud, which was all but over at this point anyway. And after this, he really did not have any feuds of note in the company. Hell, he had to sell a lot of Renslow here.


WWF Special Report with Sean Mooney. This week’s subject is the Womens Champion Sensational Sherri. We are shown a clip of Craig DeGeorge interviewing her as she is wearing a white gown. Sherri laughs at her challengers, like Rockin’ Robin, Velvet McIntyre, and Desiree Pedersen and says she does not need any help from the fans in holding on to her title. This is the first Women’s Title segment in several weeks as they used it to name the Sherri’s challengers.



“Dangerous” Danny Davis w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Brady Boone

Davis beats down Boone to start. He hits a suplex as Gorilla notes how there is some trouble with the Hart Family regarding the Hart Foundation. Davis gets a nearfall with a suplex then hammers away. He blocks a sunset flip but Boone is able to come back with a jumping back elbow smash. Boone follows with a slam and a splash. He then hits a dropkick but misses an attack in the corner then after that, Davis hits a seated senton from the top for the win (3:13).

Thoughts: Not much to this match, other than to set up Davis for the next segment.



Honky Tonk Man w/ Jimmy Hart vs. JT Thomas

Hart did the ring announcing here and the match took place immediately after the Davis match. Plus, Davis remained at ringside to protect Hart as they play up how he is afraid of Beefcake cutting his hair. The match starts with both guys working the arm. Honky takes control as Gorilla plugs the newest Brutus Beefcake poster. Honky takes Thomas over then puts him away with the Shake, Rattle, and Roll (2:07).

Thoughts: The IC Title feud was being pushed here, as was the story of Hart being petrified of Beefcake.



Gene Okerlund is in the Event Center. We hear from both Hercules and the Ultimate Warrior to hype up their feud. We then hear from the Junkyard Dog, telling Ron Bass he will make him pay for hanging him on TV over one month ago.



Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Chris Curtis

Duggan beats on Curtis as Heenan goes on about how he got in one lucky shot against Andre the Giant and that will never happen again. Duggan then finishes off Curtis with the Three Point Stance (1:20).

Thoughts: Like usual, the crowd ate up everything Duggan did. Heenan was pushing the Duggan/Andre feud on commentary by dissing Duggan throughout the match.



Okerlund is back in the Event Center. We hear from Ted DiBiase and Randy Savage as they hype up their feud.



Ken Patera vs. Barry Horowitz

Patera overpowers and toys with Horowitz to start. Heenan does not think Patera can match strength with Dino Bravo as we get an insert promo from Bravo himself, who claims that Patera cheated during their tug-of-war segment. Back to the match as Horowitz lands a few elbow smashes but ends up getting clotheslined. Patera hits a suplex then puts Horowitz away with a full nelson (2:48).

Thoughts: They are really pushing the Patera/Bravo feud, which of course is a vehicle designed to get Bravo’s Canadian strong man gimmick over. About as exciting as it sounds.



Craig DeGeorge welcomes Greg Valentine and the Honky Tonk Man to the interview platform. DeGeorge questions why Valentine is using a shinguard as Valentine tells us he has never used a “foreign object” to win a match and that the shinguard is just to help his injured leg. Valentine is then asked about his shinguard making his Figure Four finisher even more deadly as he flips out and says its the road to the gold for him. After establishing the shinguard gimmick, they now need a feud for Valentine.



Don “The Rock” Muraco w/ Superstar Billy Graham vs. Larry Simpson

Heenan rags on Muraco for needing the fans and Graham for support. Muraco beats on Simpson as we hear from Graham in an insert promo putting over Muraco’s physique and will to win then shortly after that Muraco gets the win with a tombstone (2:02).

Thoughts: Short match to put over Muraco as his mini-push based off of his physique continues.



The Yates Brothers vs. Demolition w/ Mr. Fuji

The Yates brothers look like a couple of local landscapers. Demolition immediately takes control and beats down both of the Yates Brothers until they hit the one wearing long tights with the Decapitation for the win (2:05).

Thoughts: The crowd was dead as Demolition destroyed these two jabronis. The announcers spent more time talking about Savage on the newest cover of “WWF Magazine” than anything.



Back in the Event Center, we hear from both Bret Hart and Bad News Brown as they hype up their feud.


Next week, we will see in action Dino Bravo, Strike Force, Brutus Beefcake, Ted DiBiase, and Jake Roberts.



Final Thoughts: Dull show this week. The feuds and wrestlers highlighted were not too interesting as a whole and nothing new really took place.



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