BoD Mania III, Part 2

This has nothing to do with the WWE

Part one is Here


BoD Tag Team Title Match: Strike Force vs. Curtzerker (c) w/ Biff Kensington III

The sweet tones of Robbie Dupree blast through the arena and now we see Loretta, the prized 1986 maroon Chrylser Lebaron convertible as Strike Force heads it way to the arena. Mar Solo is in the back holding two pots of his special brew as he drinks from both at the same time. They head into the ring and now we hear a loud crowd reaction. Its from the HUSS section. They are going wild as Curtzerker heads out. The Berzerker tries to see his people but Biff corrals him as they head to the ring. This match has been months in the making. A dastardly Biff Kensington spiked Mar Solo’s special brew, leading to a drug test failure, robbing Strike Force of a title shot. Will Strike Force finally get the belts in what could be their last title match?

The bell rings as Curtis Williams and Matt Indeed stare each other down. Indeed charges and takes down Williams! He fires away with mounted punches as Solo is reenacting this on the apron. Big back body drop by Indeed as he now highsteps and pumps his fist. Indeed hits a dropkick as Williams rolls outside. Solo tags himself in and flies out with a Tope Con Hilo with extra caffeine as the crowd goes nuts! He rolls Williams inside and tags Indeed. Biff jumps up on the apron but Solo chases him off. Solo heads over to Williams and winds up for the flying forearm but Williams ducks outside again. Williams and Biff huddle as the Berzerker is heading towards the HUSS section, who are going wild. Williams and Biff try to bring him back but Strike Force heads out and starts hammering away! The Berzerker is enamored with the HUSS section and their boisterous behavior. He then looks over to see his teammate getting pummeled and charges down the ramp to clobber Solo from behind. Berzerker then rams Indeed into the guardrail before bringing him back inside. Williams clears the cobwebs before going to work on the back of Indeed. He hits a few suplexes before tagging out as the Berzerker is in and the HUSS Section is happy! We get a ten HUSS count in the corner as Mar Solo is trying to get behind his partner. Biff chokes out Indeed behind the referee’s back. Solo runs over but as that happens, Curtzerker double-teams Indeed in the corner. They set up Indeed in the corner s the Berzerker sets up for the HUSS RUSH. He charges but Indeed gets out of the way as the Berzerker is tied up in the ropes. Indeed crawls over to his partner but Williams runs in and knocks Solo off of the apron. Williams drags Indeed to the center of the ring then jumps back on the apron as Biff distracts the referee. Williams stomps the back of Indeed as the Berzerker is back up. Williams tags in and climbs up top but Indeed rolled out of the way as both men are down. Biff is yelling at the Berzerker, presumably to prevent the tag, but he is too enamored with the HUSS Section. Indeed is getting closer so a desperate Biff tries to sneak up on Solo but gets booted as a man on that much caffeine cannot keep still. Indeed is closer and closer then makes the tag!!!! Mar Solo is a quadruple-brewed Juan Valdez Special Reserve Blend Andre Rison’s Mansion Blazing Inferno of Fire!!!!!! He even ripped off the tag rope! Solo is lighting up Williams in the corner. The Berzerker runs in and he imemdiately gets him with a flying forearm as he falls on top of Biff!!!!!!! Williams is left alone and this time Strike Force has the advantage. Solo hits a jumping back elbow smash and immediately kips-up and starts high-stepping and fist-pumping. He tags Indeed, who whips Williams as Solo hits a flying forearm. Biff and The Berzerker head up on the apron but Solo flies at them as they fall down. In the ring, Indeed puts Williams in the Boston Crab. Williams tries to fight it off but ultimately submits. Strike Force have won the BoD Tag Team Titles!!!!!!! Girls in Cars blast through the arena as a a pair of Benetton models, sporting the 1987 catalog, greet the new champs. Mar Solo is high-stepping like a complete psycho as he know pours what is left of his Special Brew into the gas tank of the Lebaron as that starts to smoke. We see the ex-champs and their manager, who is upset, as they sulk off to the back.



Matthew Maynard Adams vs Jef Vinson

Vinson attacks Adams early, but nothing comes of it, as Adams is too big for Jef to do much with. Vinson heads out to the floor and thinks it over, then slides back in. Finally, they lockup. Vinson shoots Adams off and takes him off his feet with a drop toehold, then goes to a front facelock. Jef seems to be trying to chop the big man down here, as Adams gets back to his feet. Vinson keeps trying to bring Matthew back down, but Adams shoots him off and knocks him down with a big shoulder. Vinson almost hit the front row on that one. Adams now in control. He hits Vinson with a few big forearms and sends him cross-corner, slowly taking his time with Jef. Clothesline in the corner by Adams! Vinson wobbles and collapses to the mat. The ref goes to check on him and Vinson grabs him by the shirt, trying to….oh, I see, as Vinson’s valet jumps to the apron and sprays Adams in the eyes! Jef seems fine now and he goes to work on Adams with a beautiful dropkick. Adams falls to his knees, Shining Wizard by Jef Vinson! 1,2, No! Vinson slams the mat, but he calms himself down. “I’m Jef Vinson!” Vinson heads to the top rope, big elbowdrop hits! 1,2, NO! Vinson curses and goes up again, big elbowdrop misses! Adams rolled out of the way!

And now Matthew Maynard Adams is angry. Big lariat to Jef Vinson! Another one! Vinson gets back to his feet, but Adams puts him down again! German Suplex by Adams to Vinson! 1,2, NO! Vinson kicked out! Adams keeps pounding on Jef, just delivering a shitkicking of the highest order now. Vinson looks to bail from the ring, but Adams catches him and tosses him into the corner, wearing him out with forearms as the crowd counts along. Adams with a delayed suplex, and he signals that he’s going to finish this one. He loads Jef up for the Adamsmasher, but Vinson goes to the eyes to break it up. Vinson with a couple of kicks and he bails to the floor. Jef is trying anything to survive here. Adams gives chase, but Jef is too smart and ducks, sending Matthew to the ringpost. Vinson back in now, and he’s all but begging the ref to count Adams out. 7, 8, 9, Adams is back in! Jef sighs and goes back to work, focusing on the leg of Adams. He pulls Matthew to the corner and wraps the leg around the post, then he goes to the outside, ringpost figure-four by Vinson! He comes back in with an Indian Deathlock and he continues to work the knee. More shots by Vinson as he keeps dropping shots on the knee of Adams, who is finally beginning to show some wear and tear. Vinson sets Adams up, rolls him over, Texas Cloverleaf by Jef Vinson! He screams at Adams to give up, but Matthew gets a determined look on his face, will he go for the ropes? No, he wants to POWER out of this! Adams bridges up and breaks the hold, Vinson goes flying headfirst into the second buckle in the corner! Vinson is dazed, and Adams slowly gets to his feet, one leg hanging on. He looks at Jef staggering out of the corner and gets a satisfied smile on his face. Roar from Adams and he loads Vinson up….ADAMSMASHER by Adams! That’s going to do it! 1,2,3! Matthew Maynard Adams is triumphant over Jef Vinson, who is OUT on the canvas! Adams poses on the buckles, his knee still hurting, and he makes the ‘I want the belt’ motion – whose belt does he want?

Vinson’s valet is in to check on him, but he’s out….Adams grabs Vinson’s valet! ADAMSMASHER to Vinson’s valet! He puts her unconscious body on top of Vinson and leaves the ring, raising his arms to the cheers of the crowd!



BoD Writer’s Title Match: Stranger in the Alps vs. Tommy “The Machine” Hall w/ Biff Kensington III

Security is clearing the way so the thousands of geriatric harlots in attendance can wheel up to the front to see their hero, Stranger, make his way to the ring. Tommy, who is celebrating the upcoming NFL Draft with his Macey Brooks throwback as part of his failed 2nd round Wide Receivers of the 20th Century collection, steps inside of the ring.

These two lock up to start as Tommy breaks cleanly in the corner. They go at it again but Tommy misses a cheap shot and Stranger fires away. Stranger catches Tommy with an atomic drop as Tommy takes the Ted DiBiase nose dive to the floor. Stranger follows Tommy outside and starts hammering on the champ. They head back inside but Biff grabs Stranger’s leg. Tommy then attacks Stranger and drags him back inside. Tommy works a chinlock then starts kneeing the back. Backbreaker gets two. Tommy now looks to set up Stranger for the Vader Bomb and hits the move but Stranger got his foot on the ropes. Tommy then gets fed up and tries for Million EBook Dollar Dream but Stranger escapes and sends Tommy into the corner. Biff jumps on to the apron again but Stranger kicks him off. Tommy rolls up Stranger from behind but Stranger kicks out. Stranger dodges a swing and fires away. Tommy gets booted in the face then runs outside. He picks up his manager and they…………head off. Stranger grabs the bag of EBook Dollars as Tommy has counted himself out to hold the title. What a weasel! Stranger then takes the bag, filled to the brim with illegitimate currency, and takes hit over to his stable of seniors. He then takes out the cash, shrugs his shoulders, and makes it rain!!!!!! Oh my!!!! WHAT A BoD MANIA MOMENT!!!!!!!!!




BOD World Title Match Andy PG vs. Hoss (c) w/ Biff Kensington III

And it all comes down to this. AndyPG stares up at the mountain of a man that is Hoss, who has held the BOD World title since Summerslam. Hoss stares back, and then they’re off! Trading rights and lefts, and Andy gains the advantage! Andy off the ropes, dropkick to the knee of Hoss staggers the big man. Andy with kicks to the chest of Hoss, but Hoss pops back up and clotheslines Andy down. Hoss stares down at Andy, then picks him up and suplexes him. Hoss in control now. Hoss stomps at Andy, who is winded from the shots of Hoss. Hoss gets him up with for a suplex, but Andy gets a knee to the head and rolls him up in a small package for two. Close, there. Hoss sends Andy to the corner and splashes him, then follows up with a cannonball. Andy is down in the corner, and Hoss poses in the middle of the ring. Meanwhile, Kbjone and John Petuka have come out to the top of the ramp.

Hoss keeps on Andy with a bulldog and that gets two. Andy is getting pummeled by the World Champ right now. Hoss goes to a chinlock and cranks down on Andy, who tries to fight out with elbows against the bigger man, but Hoss grinds him down. Andy finally gets back to his feet and shoots Hoss off, but Hoss runs through him with a shoulderblock. Hoss drops an elbow on Andy and gets two. Hoss goes up to the second rope, kneedrop misses! Andy moved! Andy fires up and goes to work on Hoss and his knee, trying to chop that big man down. Kicks to the knee by Andy, he comes off the ropes, roaring elbow takes Hoss down to the mat! 1,2, Hoss kicks out! Andy goes up, second rope elbow hits! Andy goes for the cover, but Hoss grabs him by the throat! Hoss back to his feet, chokeslam on Andy! Both guys are down as Strike Force has joined a growing group of wrestlers on the stage. Hoss back to his feet as Andy has rolled to the floor. Hoss gives chase and sends Andy to the barricade. Whip is reversed by Andy, but Hoss grabs the pole and loops around into a big lariat that turns Andy inside-out on the floor. Hoss totally back in control now, although he’s limping a little. He loads Andy up for a Pant-Shitter on the floor, but the knee gives out and Andy shoves Hoss into the post! And we’ve got some blood now, as Hoss is busted open!

Andy tries to get the prone World Champ in the ring as the rest of the locker room has joined the wrestlers on stage, watching intently. Andy finally gets Hoss back in at the count of 8, and he covers for two. Andy with a necksnap and a side Russian legsweep on Hoss that gets two. Andy looks to finish, but Hoss wiggles out of the Dragon Suplex and gets a kick to the gut, staggering Andy. Hoss can’t put much weight on his leg, but he winds up and delivers a huge forearm shot to Andy that sends him crashing headfirst into the corner. That looked ugly. Hoss trips Andy out of the corner and puts on a Camel clutch, but the knee goes midway through and he can’t hang on. Both wrestlers down again. Hoss gets back to his feet first and looks for a power bomb, but Andy takes him over with a big ‘rana! 1,2, NO! Hoss kicks out and flattens Andy with a big spinkick!

Hoss signals that he’s done with this, and he loads Andy up….Pants-Shitter hits! Hoss covers, 1, 2….Andy kicked out! ANDYPG just kicked out of the Pants-Shitter! Hoss can’t believe it! Hoss goes for another one to end this thing, but Andy turns it into a backstabber! AndyPG gets to his feet! It’s his moment! He clotheslines Hoss! Again! Sends Hoss off the ropes, big flying elbow! Hoss is barely able to stand, and Andy goes for it! Full nelson, Hoss tries to fight him off with back elbows, but Andy ducks and reapplies it, DRAGON SUPLEX ON HOSS! HE SOMEHOW GOT HIM OVER! There’s the bridge! 1…..2……3!!! It’s all over! ANDYPG IS THE NEW BOD WORLD CHAMPION!!!!

The wrestlers rush the ring from the stage and hoist Andy onto their shoulders! Kensington has lost it all on this day! The belt is given to Andy, who looks down at it like he can’t believe what he’s seeing, and he holds it in the air! The fireworks go off as Kbjone and Andy share a look, and they hold up their respective belts as the crowd goes crazy!

But wait! On the ramp, Extant1979 has appeared! He slowly goes to the ringside area, and he points….but it’s not at Kbjone! He points at AndyPG! He wants the BOD World title! “I’m coming for you, AndyPG! I should have been the World Champion all along!” Extant stares at Andy, who grimly acknowledges that there’s a lot of guys in line who want that belt, but Extant finally nods and leaves for the back, and Andy returns to celebrating!

Tonight, AndyPG is the champ!