Origins of Parts Unknown

The blog question about billed height and weight got me thinking this, but what is the original story behind Parts Unknown as a thing? The only things I have been able to find online just state that it was used for masked wrestlers (especially in the territories), but I cannot find how this place of great talent and fear came into being. Any idea?

It came about during a political dispute in The Outer Reaches Of Your Mind back in the early part of the 19th century, when all the masked guys wanted to secede but there was some contentious religious issue preventing them from working together. So basically everyone with a hood trekked over the border into Emerald City (not the trademarked L. Frank Baum one, but the one that Kevin Hailed from as Oz) and they just kind of took over. A public referendum changed the name to Parts Unknown soon after and the rest is history. I’ve heard they’ve been trying to change it to something else for years now, but mailing out voter registration cards is HELL.