Interesting Story Re: Ryder’s IC title Win at Wrestlemania 32

Hey Scott! Been reading your blogs for YEARS and bought all of your books.

So it may have seemed odd and random that Zack Ryder, out of all superstars, won the ladder match at WM 32, only to lose it the next night to the Miz.

So as you know – Zack Ryder is a Long Island native, thus making him an Islanders fan as a result. My friend and I were at Game 3 at the Barclay Center, waiting on line for some beers when we see this guy yelling "RYDERMANIA!". At first, we didn’t think much of it, until he yells "ZACK RYDER!" at us.

Being perplexed by all of this, we ask him "Yeah, we know of him, how do you know we’re wrestling fans?" We get to talking, and we find out he is ZACK RYDER’S BROTHER! Yeah, trust me, this is definitely weird right place, right time type of deal.

We BS for a little bit, and he tells us that Zack was originally not supposed to win the title (as you can probably guess). Apparently, the OTHER wrestlers in the match PETITIONED to have Zack win the match and get his Wrestlemania moment.

I swear I can’t make this up, and considering he lost to the Miz the next night, and is now completely out of the IC title picture, it only seems to make sense now. Pretty cool of the other guys to do that, considering how selfish of a business this could be.

So there you go! A random exclusive for the Blog of Doom!

Thank you Scott for all of your dedication and hard work. If you end up posting this, would you mind plugging our new wrestling podcast as well?

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Thanks Scott!

Fred Robinson

​I can see it. People like Zack and occasionally wrestlers will do nice things for each other instead of cutting each others’ throats. Hopefully he enjoyed his moment.​