Good Anti-US Stable

Hi Scott,

Loving the Observer flashbacks! Been thinking what an absolute waste of Del Rio the last many months have been, especially because he could be a draw. What attracted me back to the WWF in 1997 was the US versus Canada angle. Would you think an Alberto Del Rio headed Latino faction celebrating Mexico and Latino pride would have worked? Take out Cena, have a lengthy US title run for Del Rio and include Kalisto, the Colons and Konnan as the manager and mouthpiece. I know they would have to be careful in the PG era but even a not too edgy angle would be something decent IMO. Any thoughts?

​There’s many things they could do with Del Rio that would be an improvement. I have long thought they completely missed the potential of the original character, like an updated Million Dollar Man who bribes officials and extorts opponents to gain the advantage. Very doubtful that Konnan would ever come in but Del Rio using the Colons as his enforcers would be badass because any heel is instantly cooler if you dress them like a Secret Service agent. ​