The REAL problem

Just as a follow,

In terms of my own, personal opinion, I do think that the WWE’s real main issue is not sending their consumer’s home happy and satisfied with having spent their money.

To alot of us, the WWE is ubiquitous and it’s easy to laugh off the fact that they routinely raise Roman Reign’s hands in front of crowds that are actively rejecting him. They have been touring the country for 3 years now pissing on customer’s heads 1000’s of people at a time. I don’t know of many other industries where you have the opportunity to disappoint such large net of active paying customers.

It’s easy to take for granted that going to a wrestling show is a pretty active engagement level that not many entities are able to achieve with their audiences. Pewdi Pie has a pretty active, and large audience. How many of those active audience members would actually purchase a ticket to go see a Pewdi Pie show? The point being, these paying consumers are pretty darn special in that not many brands have achieved the ability to monetize their audience’ engagement like the WWE has been able to do historically. It is actually alot to ask someone to have a night out on a Wednesday night and spend money on parking, tickets, concessions, and merch.

Wrestling is a unique medium where the consumer expects to see what APPEARS to be an unpredictable show, even though they know better. On a show to show basis, you have to constantly balance, disrupting the paying customer’s expectations AND they need to go home feeling like they got everything they expected for their money’s worth. This is why you need to “send them home happy” a great majority of the time. The WWE has been in the unique position of sending their customers home disappointed alot the past few years and, what’s worse, they are doing that 4 other days a week in front of more customers. Over time, pushing a product that doesn’t work to consumers who feel disgruntled with the service will result in those many of them to simply stop buying into it. That’s why the most over people at WrestleMania this year were Austin, Michaels, Foley, The Rock, and Ric Flair. Those guys earned good will across the country by sending paying customers home happy that they spent their money to see the show.

Through no fault of their own, the current roster is constantly sending 1000’s of people back to their homes wondering if they should even give a shit about Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt, or Luke Harper, when they’re going to have to sit through another 20 minutes lifeless Main Event in an attempt to convince them that Roman Reigns is a legit dude. It’s clearly not a a Main Event that that consumer is asking for and they keep getting it. Why bother tuning into Raw to watch performers and a Brand that left a bad taste in their mouth the last time they came around?


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