Super J Cup (How does it hold up?)

With a new Super J Cup this year, it got me thinking about the original, way back in 1994. I remember people talking about it as one of the greatest shows of all time during the late 90s, and Meltzer gave it glowing reviews.

Now, over twenty years later, what do you think is the legacy of the show? Do you feel it even holds up compared to more modern shows?

​Fuck yeah. Do you know how many times I’ve watched that show as a result of making copies for tape trades over the years? It’s GREAT. That whole period of time from 93-96 in Japan with all the juniors was amazeballs if you think about the level of talent they were using. Liger, Benoit, Malenko, Guerrero, the WAR crew, the Michinoku Crew…holy cow that was great stuff. I don’t sub to the NJPW World service anymore so I’m not sure if they have it up there, but you should totally go drop the $10 just to watch it if so.