50/50 booking NOT the problem?


I’ve emailed you before and I’ve visited the website in its various incarnations for YEARS.

Can we agree that, perhaps,there might be more than exactly ONE way to get someone over?

Wining CANNOT be the only way to get a character over simply due to the act that each individual’s human traits are different. Some people may have charisma. It’s undeniable and it’s intangible… but it is there. The tricky part is not latching on to a charismatic guy and shoving a rocket up his ass. No, The tricky part is figuring out WHY the crowds connect so well to some performers and not so much the others. Then you gradually exploit why people respond well and develop something of meaning for them to do on the show every week. That’s where the work is. Sometimes the wins matter, and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes a loss is EXACTLY what you need to put heat on the heel to really draw money, and some times, your babyface shouldn’t be working matches at all. Story is important, but, as much as I hate saying this, watermark "moments" in an angle are way more effective in getting a character over than even the most logical of storylines. Many people remember sting rappelling from the rafters and powdering out the entire nWo single handedly It’s a fond, nostalgic thought that alot of casual wrestling fans have to this day. The problem is that it only happened the way we all remember it on very few, RARE ocaasions. Yet, it still feels like he was rescuing a babyface and chasing off Hogan every monday night to alot of fans. In Sting’s case, he got over HUGE with a single vignette at Uncensored ’97 that made us feel entirely differently about his character and push forever.

On TV and PPV during the calendar year of 2012, Cesaro had a better record than:

Randy Orton
Big Show

There are MANY other examples for each year we could be going through in different years

The Rock’s W% was over 20% than Steve Austin’s in 97.
Steve Austin was, just as a matter of clarity, barely over 50% in ’97 when he started to catch fire.

Alternatively, Well known struggling World Champion Bret Hart had a high win rate in 1994 and both he, AND Diesel won alot of matches in ’95. Their difficulties drawing is well documented during this period

Ric Flair, literally, one of the best if,not THE BEST box office draw (strily putting asses in houses night after night) in history is damn near under .500 for his career and much further UNDER it if you consider live events and one off shows.

To be clear: there are many times that 50/50 booking irritates me because it serves no purpose and I am a big believer that enhancement matches are an important part of establishing characters that mean something on tv (babyfaces pin lesser wrestlers and heels are assholes to scrubs). However, insisting that 50/50 booking is the reason this guy or that guy doesn’t get over is over simplifying some of the much bigger issues at work.

50/50 booking and Team HELL NO helped establish Bryan as an important part of the show and it give us way more mileage out of Kane than we should have ever expected from him at that stage of his career. As much as like Bryan as a performer and main event draw, its a way better use of him to get something out of Kane that wasn’t there before than to have him pin a bunch of dudes and wear a shiny belt.

It’s not like winning all the time has helped Reigns, Luger, or mid Diesel draw. Hell, NOT WRESTLING and being in a hot angle with Scott Hall is what enabled Nash to really move the needle.

I just felt compelled to offer a bit of perspective on this issue over the past few days.

Someone who has actually been paid to do this shit