50/50 Fallacy

Longtime reader and appreciator of all the things you shill. Question – why is 50/50 booking used an excuse for why guys don’t get over? Because if you look at the last 10-15 years and the guys that got really hot (Cena, Punk, Bryan) got over organically and then won. A lot! If you look at Punks world title reign, Bryans buildup to Summerslam and then the eventual Mania victory and even rapper Cena into Super Cena – it’s clear you have to get yourself over. But then Vince comes around and gives guys the big push and the look strong consistently. That doesn’t explain why apathetic Roman is now the new face of the company but I think the idea of 50/50 booking "holding guys back" is silly. It’s the laziness of everyone looking, talking and acting the same in the same outdated format that seems to hold back the whole company.

​Yeah, but saying that Daniel Bryan won a lot is just revisionism. He was absolutely a 50/50 guy during the Kane team and would notably lose matches later on to guys like Bray Wyatt at the Rumble and such. I mean, if you’re saying that 50/50 booking doesn’t hurt guys who Vince has already designated as stars, then no duh. But it absolutely kills guys like Cesaro, who Vince has been predisposed not to give a chance in the first place, or Owens, to name two. Look at what a joke that Kalisto, still the US champion mind you, has become since winning the title for the second time.