Triple H dumping Chyna


For all of her faults, and all of her problems I still feel pretty bad for her about how Triple H unceremoniously dumped her for Stephanie when Chyna obviously assumed things were fine between them.

Regardless of if he did it for love, or for political reasons, or both (I assume it’s both, but who knows?) that’s still a real jerk-ass move on his part and it obviously had a huge effect on her emotionally.

It seems like that was what started her down the dark path.

I’m not blaming him for her decisions and behavior over the last 17 years because she made her own bed but maybe things wouldn’t have ended up like this if he’d been a little more tactful in breaking up with her before he moved on to Stephanie?

​I think it’s fair to say that Chyna had way more problems and self-esteem issues than a breakup with HHH was going to cause. If anything I’d say that the relationship’s end was a symptom, not a cause. Yeah, HHH was a jerk, but normal people endure breakups all the time and don’t spiral into depression and drugs as a result. ​