RF Video Shoot Interview with Crash Holly

This was filmed in June of 2003

The interview was conducted by Rob Feinstein

It runs for two hours and twenty-three minutes long


Crash talks about initially hating wrestling as a kid but he got hooked in by watching Bobby Heenan on “Prime Time Wrestling.” After that, he got more into the action and saw Brady Boone, who was about his size, and decided it was something he wanted to do as a career. His other favorites to watch were Randy Savage as he was such a unique character.


He called up Buzz Sawyer’s school but was not accepted and talked about being glad about that as he heard horror stories about it then when he turned 18 years old, he paid $2,000 to get into Woody Farmer’s school with money that he saved up from working in a lumberyard for $5 an hour.


Crash then talks about training school and how he got the hell beat out of him. Crash even said that Mae Young helped train and she even beat the fuck out of him. He said he was not an offensive wrestler and more into selling. The toughest thing he had to go through was getting used to bumping as it does not look as hard on your body when you see it on TV.


He refers to himself as a “midget” and how everyone told him he was too small to become a wrestler and notes that drove him harder to succeed.


His first name was “Jonny Pearson” as he came up with that due to Drew Pearson of the Dallas Cowboys. He then changed his name to “Erin O’Grady” after he separated his shoulder. During his recovery, Farmer’s school closed and he met up with Mike Modest, who was training at Jerry Monti’s school. Holly thought up of a Leprechaun gimmick and someone came up with the O’Grady name at a promotion that ran only a few times a year.


Crash said that the Independent Scene in California was not too good but he ended up having a tryout for Roland Alexander against Matt Hyson (Spike Dudley) and Alexander picked him apart but offered him a spot anyway. Alexander then asked him for more training and said he had to pay “gym dues” which was like $25 a month as Crash talked about that was his way to scam more money to pay bills and such.


When asked about a lot of the negativity people have towards Alexander, Crash talks about how he always told everyone things would get big and that he pumped people up and never delivered on his promises and said what we saw on “Beyond the Mat” is really him, which is a scumbag. Crash then said that Alexander was pissed about the film and they even took out stuff that made him seem worse but ultimately he was just a slimy promoter. He even said that Alexander tried to ask Vic Grimes for money when he got signed to a WWF Developmental contract and thought he was entitled to that and anything they sold from their gimmick tables.


On the APW “Garage Wars” Alexander told them that a group of 10-12 “fags” wanted to have them wrestle an ECW-style match inside of a garage and would pay them. He talks about the guys never saw any money for this and after they got a little more popular, Alexander charged $5 then gradually increased it to $15 and these shows took place every two weeks and even had booking and storylines and put over how fun that was but that they also beat the fuck out of each other.


Crash said that Vic Grimes could have made a lot of money in this business. He talks about how Grimes was a big mark for Cactus Jack and loved to take bumps but that he was his own worst enemy as he would never listen and when talking to him, his ideas were crazy.


Crash talks about how Jim Cornette called up Grimes and himself and said they would have a tryout match after seeing a hardcore match they had. Holly talks about APW guys getting tryouts and how Christopher Daniels worked a great match against Taka Michinoku but since Daniels had no political backing, he did not get signed. So, Crash talked about a dark match tryout against Grimes and they were given free reign to do all sorts of hardcore stuff, which is rare as they usually just want to see your fundamentals.


He talks about Dave Meltzer coming down to see there matches and put over the APW shows. Crash then talked about Meltzer saying after a few weeks of his Crash Holly character that it would not have a long shelf-life. Holly then said Meltzer and other people on the internet who have never stepped into the ring have no clue on how to put a match together should not be criticizing. He then talks about how he reads stuff online and how they hate watching Rikishi, who is over at the live crowds so why should he changed anything.


On how he got into ECW, Crash said that Spike Dudley got in and showed them tapes. Taz did not like Modest, who Crash said threw a lot of suplexes and that was probably the reason, but picked him out. Crash’s debut was against Justin Credible as Paul Heyman and Shane Douglas put him over. He ended up working the dark match at November to Remember 1997.


Crash said he was asked to go to the school and Bubba Ray Dudley did not like him then. The night before the show, Crash was drinking with the boys and passed out and they all got pissed at him. Crash said he was not on the “same page” with the ECW training school then Cornette called him up to say not to sign anything as the WWF was still offering a tryout. So, Crash left a message for Heyman to say things were not working out and left as he talks about making a lot of mistakes there and they had a right to be mad. Crash is asked about shortly after that referring to ECW as a “garbage promotion” as he did not remember saying that and did not know Modest was recording everything as he chalks it up to being pissed how things worked out for him in the company. He then talks about despite Bubba and Taz being pissed at him in ECW, they were always professional in the ring and became cool with them in the WWF.


Crash talks about his WWF tryout. It was in January of 1998 and he worked with Vic Grimes and they went all out. Crash talks about not wrestling like that in the WWF as he chalks that up for learning to work smarter and working to get the story over. Backstage, Bruce Prichard and Sgt. Slaughter put them both over as Crash thought this was all to put Grimes over, who Cornette saw as the second coming of Mick Foley. After that, Prichard called them up and offered Developmental Deals as they were going to work for Randy Hales in Memphis for Pro Power Wrestling before going to Dory Funk’s camp.


His class included Tiger Ali Singh, Gangrel, Mick Tierney, Sean Stasiak, Edge, A-Train, and Giant Silva. Holly said that Tom Prichard kept trying to work with Silva but he was just not able to grasp anything. Crash put over Funk’s camp for being very helpful. He also said that Stasiak was like Grimes in that he never listened to anyone. John Tenta also came down to get into shape before joining the Oddities as Crash puts him over for being really cool and humble.


He talks about how his goal in wrestling, no matter if he was winning or losing, was to put someone over as he never cared about getting in his moves.


In Memphis, Crash said they taught them how to work on TV. He then jokes about living with Vic Grimes is a reason to be an alcoholic. Randy Hales and Brandon Baxter booked the shows. He talks about how the ring was horrible and figured out why guys in Memphis bumped the way they did.


On the Crash Holly gimmick, he talks about how Bruce Prichard came up to him Memphis while he was hurt and wanted him to work on the Super Astros show, which was in Mexico as he could work against guys his size and it would help him get on TV. He lived in Monterey, Mexico and the arena was a shithole and ushered in the dark to his hotel room where he lived with Alexander Otsuka, who was Japanese and did not speak English or Spanish. He met Tarzan Boy there who spoke English and Spanish and that helped him out a lot. Antifaz Del Norte was in charge of things and Crash was given the name Green Ghost and went to “Lucha Class” as he was working outside in the extreme heat. He said everyone was cool expect for Pimpinella Escarlata, who kept on stiffing him in the ring. Crash threatened to beat the fuck on him if he ever came to the U.S. as he believed some were mad that he was white and sent down there and got a push from the office. Back to Pimpinella, Crash said he did not want to retaliate as he was in a foreign country and did not want to be unprofessional in the ring but did powerbomb him as hard as he could in the ring, which Crash said was harder than the desk he was knocking on, and Pimpinella was spitting up blood.


Shortly after that, Crash called up Prichard and said it was unsafe there and was brought back to Memphis. He was then told he was going to be Bob Holly’s cousin, who was working a super heavyweight gimmick, and told him to dye his hair blond and nothing else. Crash even said that no one bothered to tell Hardcore he was going to have a cousin in part of storyline.


Crash talks about Bob Holly being helpful and that he never sugar-coated anything. He also thinks that Vince Russo thought up the gimmick right before he left for ECW. Crash also said that Ed Ferrara came up with the idea to have him carry a scale as he then talks about some of the ideas are so ridiculous that they end up getting over.


His first PPV was SummerSlam 1999. Crash said it all happened so fast to the point it did not even seem real, especially working in a shithole like Mexico where he was in a room filled with cockroaches and the streets were dangerous.


He is then asked about winning the Tag Titles against Cactus Jack & The Rock. Crash thought it was never going to work as he was a “midget” and said that working with those guys it didnt even seem real. Crash said the match itself was sloppy but the storyline of Mankind & Rock not getting along was great.


Crash is asked about working with other guys. He was comfortable working with the Hardys and Edge & Christian as he felt he could talk with them and its less intimidating because they were younger, compared to the Acolytes who were veterans that would beat the crap out of them.


On losing the titles, Crash said that Bob was pissed they were taken away after a few weeks. Crash did not mind because he did not think his career would ever get better at that point.


He was told about one writer came up to say he wanted to make him the Hardcore Champion with the 24/7 rule. Crash said it was a believable concept then talks about selling almost becoming a lost art today.


Crash is asked about the WrestleMania 2000 Hardcore Battle Royal. He said it was a disaster as Tim White’s earpiece was messed up and he had to watch the clock. Crash said that day, Gerald Brisco told him he was going to win. However, Crash said he did not care as he was more concerned with getting the match over.


On Jeff Hardy and his problems, Crash said he saw changes and that Jeff’s ring style showed he had no desire to be there anymore. He talks about not getting involved in the business or others but thinks he is a great guy and that his mind and body needed a break. Jeff thinks he will come back as he has a lot to offer.


He is now asked about getting drunk at WWF New York. They wrestled a show and he went to restaurant, where they had free drinks. He does not remember much but was told he was puking all over the place and ran around naked. Crash chalks it up as wrestlers being dumb and doing dumber things and think the incident is the reason he was taken off of TV.


When Vince bought out WCW, Crash talks about guys being scared about losing their spots as Crash said he was not worried as he primarily put guys over.


Crash talks about Matt Hardy coming up with the Mattitude gimmick and was happy to be paired up with him and Shannon Moore. Before that, he was sitting at home as he had a cyst on his tailbone. However, he was disappointed as they never let them wrestle in any six-man tags and only got to get heat once when he and Shannon were at ringside while Matt wrestled Rey Mysterio in what turned out to be the highest rated segment on that episode of Smackdown.


On getting released by the WWE, Crash said that he wanted to pursue other interests as he was not happy there and felt he longer understood the direction the company was heading. He said it was a mutual decision. Crash also holds no ill-will toward the McMahon Family.


Crash talks about how the writers have it tough as they work long hours yet do not have experience in wrestling and feels that is mind-boggling.


His favorite to work with in the WWE was Funaki. Crash said he would work against him every night if he could as he was easy in the ring.


Crash talks about other workers. He called Jamie Noble a “potato machine” as he was stiff in the ring. He said that Bill DeMott had a ton of charisma and never got a chance to show that off. Crash talks about not talking with HHH and Steve Austin then laughs at the notion of HHH holding back Chris Jericho, who main evented a WrestleMania. He also said its natural for those to want people on top to fall as people are inclined to root for the underdogs.


On morale in the WWE locker room, Crash said most are confused as that the business is going down and no one knows why or can figure out how to turn it around.


When asked about the future, Crash said he is only 31 years old and still has something to offer. He thinks people who saw him in the WWF knows he can be a “comedic idiot” and that people always like to laugh.


Now, for some name association:

Chyna: He talks about she was a big star in the WWF but when she left the machine was no longer behind her. Crash puts over her presence.

Raven: He loves Raven and said he can drive people crazy.

Mick Foley: Crash likes him for being a legend but did not like how he stuck his kids in the third row to see him get his head bashed in and questions why you would do something like that.

Undertaker: He puts him over for being down-to-earth and very athletic for his size.


Crash then talks about fans usually saying a lot of “stupid shit” to him. He references being at Applebee’s last week with Spanky and Jamie Noble (This was filmed less than a week after his WWE release) and how the waitress was a bit let down and she was expecting someone like Matt Hardy as Crash told her its funny because he was expecting an attractive waitress.



Final Thoughts: Overall, this interview was okay. Crash was a decent subject here but the actual interview was not structured well and it kinda fell apart at the end. Crash did not bury anyone on the WWE roster but did seem like he kinda hates wrestling fans. It was also filmed less than a week after he was let go from the WWE and about five months prior to his death.

Another thing I noted about Crash was how he brought up two incidents were he got obliterated and showed zero insight, especially when talking about his behavior at WWE New York. He acted like its no big deal and excused it as being a wrestler. Maybe if the Wellness Policy was around then he could have sought some treatment and might even still be alive today. He was also self-deprecating with how he kept referring to himself as a “midget.”

I thought the interview was fine but not enough to recommend you go out and purchase. There was not a whole lot there for me but Crash did a fine job with how this was structured.

You can purchase the DVD of this shoot for $20 by clicking here


Next week, I will be recapping the 1997 WCW Timeline as told by Kevin Nash.