Japan Questions

> Hey Scott-
> Watched some Hansen matches on YouTube from Japan.
> Couple questions.
> 1.The matches are just stiff and brutal, did the Feds over there go through there own issues with pain killers and what not? Looking at Kenta Kobashi and Misawa faces alone makes me think that they had to do something to battle the pain.
> 2. Is the schedule as grueling as it is In the US, the country is only the size to California so maybe it’s a little less taxing.
> 3. How is their booking done? Long term or Russo style?
> Keep up the lords work.
> Thanks
> Rich Thomas

1. The Japanese have a totally different attitude about that sort of thing. Guys are expected to live by the Roadhouse Motto of "pain don’t hurt" because otherwise you might as well be a sissy American. Also, if you DO have a drug problem you sure as hell don’t share the details for the same reason. Hence you get s--- like Misawa barely selling an injury for his entire career and then dropping dead in the ring out of nowhere.

2. The schedule is much less brutal than the US, which is why guys like working there so much. However, you’re also expected to work much harder every night as opposed to taking nights off with easy house show matches.

3. New Japan in particular is very very long term and meticulously logical. That’s why the Nakamura departure screwed them up so badly. But that’s Gedo and Jado specifically and not necessarily a country wide thing.