A few questions about WWF 89/90 (and one 95)

A few questions about WWF 89/90 (and one 95)

1. Did Hogan ever beat Earthquake clean? SummerSlam 90 he gets a weird count-out win, and then Survivor Series 90, Earthquake gets the double count-out elimination with Tugboat. Was he doing the leg drop/pin job on the house show circuit? SNME? Or was there a reason they were trying to keep Earthquake strong? Because after the feud he went right into the Natural Disasters. Kinda weird. I figure it’s maybe because he’s a buddy of Hogan’s?

2. Why didn’t Sgt. Slaughter get the win on Tito Santana in Survivor Series 1990? He loses via DQ to Tito two months before he wins the WWF Title from Ultimate Warrior? Shouldn’t he have destroyed that entire team by himself and then won the final "Ultimate Elimination" match, too, to put him over as a super killer badass? Was it just o avoid putting him in the ring with Hogan and Warrior? Because he came off like a goof, and since he was already older and a non-threat, it didn’t really help.

3. Why was Zeus transitioned from Savage to DiBiase in the Hogan feud? Was DiBiase getting reheated for another main event run?

4. Another survivor series 1990 question. Why didn’t Taker destroy the entire Dream Team? Why have him get counted out? I feel like if that happened today everybody would go crazy about how it immediately killed him out of the gate.

5. After Royal Rumble 95, why didn’t Bulldog have a huge beef with Shawn and demand a rematch or title match? I don’t ever remember him claiming to be the rightful winner of the Rumble. Did I miss it? Seems like he just lost and then formed a team with Luger.

​Holy questions, Batman.

1. I’m pretty sure Hogan was doing the big boot and legdrop on the third go-around with Quake, like late 1990, but Quake was kept INSANELY strong for that whole year, which is probably why they were able to keep coming back to it.

2. Slaughter was always booked as a chump and lucky heel (witness his title win over Warrior), which is probably why WM7 was such a colossal flop. They initially did a good job with him as a heel, but once he got full into the pointy toes and stupid s--- like that, he was a complete cartoon character and basically a Honky Tonk Man masquerading as top level championship contender.

3. That was just an angle for SNME and Dibiase happened to be the guy involved.

4. My guess is that they didn’t want to immediately overexpose him by having him work the Ultimate Survivor gimmick.

5. He did. They had a rematch on TV and Shawn actually beat him by debuting the superkick as his new finish. ​