Quick WWE Live Report For The Blog

Quick WWE Live Report For The Blog (If you want it)

Hey Scott, I hope you and the family are well

I attended the WWE Show in Manchester on the 19th April 2016 with my mate and his son in law. Here’s some quick notes from the show from the blog if you’d like them​.

Opener was Cesaro Vs Stardust. Typical opener with Stardust doing lots of running away and Cesaro showing out to the crowd. Cesaro teased the Giant Swing a few times before finally getting it. After 12 rotations, Cesaro put Stardust away with the Sharpshooter. Cesaro got a decent reaction but people were a bit meh regards to Stardust

2nd Match was Heath Slater and Bo Dallas Vs Zack Ryder and Darren Young. Star studded!!! In fairness to Ryder, he looked good here and was really the only guy in the match to garner a reaction. Slater and Dallas are not a particularly good heel team, as they drew Ryder to distract the ref a couple of times and did literally nothing with it. No double teaming, no choking on the ropes, nothing. I got the impression that they were just doing that spot because they’d seen other wrestlers do it on TV, but had no idea of what its actual point is (To garner heat by being cheating heels). Anyway, Ryder got the hot tag, did a tight comeback and then hit the Rough Ryder on Dallas for the win while Young took care of Slater

3rd Match was Rusev Vs Jack Swagger. Rusev came out with the Bulgarian flag, so Swagger came out with the Union Jack to curry favour. This worked with most of the crowd but there was a vocal minority who backed Rusev, including a "Ru-Sev Rocks!" chant! They had a decent match which saw them trade submission moves in the finish. Rusev ended up going to the eyes and then putting Swagger in the Acolade for the finish. Swagger teased powering out but Rusev eventually managed to hold on to get his arm raised. An enjoyable outing for both men

4th Match was The New Day Vs The Uso’s Vs The Dudleyz. Dudleyz brought out a Liverpool Football Club banner to anger the native Manchester crowd. New Day were probably the most over act on the show, second maybe to The Flair’s. Opening spot was Xavier Woods getting chopped on the back until he threatened to leave in a funny spot. Dudleyz did a table tease spot, which got a decent heel reaction. Kofi and Xavier worked the match but Big E got involved in the finish by distracting Bubba Ray. Match eventually turned BONZO-GONZO (Well, it is your blog after all) and Kofi caught D-Von with the Trouble in Paradise for the win. Match basically just existed so fans could chant "New-Day Rocks!" and served its purpose.


5th Match was Tyler Breeze taking on Sin Cara. Tyler had his full entrance, complete with selfy stick, but his promo was interrupted by Cara. Some nice moves, but not much heat, due to Tyler not really being treated as much of a star on TV. Cute comedy spot where Tyler put Cara down in the corner and went up top, but Cara rolled away. Tyler jumped down and walked to the other turnbuckle, only for Cara to roll away again. They did this about 5-6 times and Tyler proceeded to get more exausted each time he had to clamber up top. It eventually led to a Cara dive to the outside. They traded near falls in the ring until Cara eventually got the Swanton for the win. Everyone joined in with the "LUCHA" chants during his music, which was a sight to see.

6th Match was Charlotte Vs Becky Lynch Vs Sasha Banks. The work in this was good, as you’d expect from three women who know each other so well, but the heat was lacking due to their being no clean cut heel. Charlotte was obviously supposed to be the heel, but the fans didn’t want to boo her, especially as her father was there with her, so the match was kind of in a state of limbo as no one really knew who to root for. They did a few of the Mania spots, such as the Double Natural Selection, and overall it was an enjoyable match that people were into, but not making much noise for. It was weird as you’d think people weren’t digging the match, but if you looked out the crowd everyone was watching intently. A weird atmosphere. Charlotte eventually pinned Becky with her feet on the ropes, and still got cheered as she posed on the ramp afterward! Sasha and Becky also got a round of applause on the way out.

Main Event was Roman Reigns Vs Sheamus. Sheamus was the second heel to play the Liverpool Card, singing their anthem of "You’ll never walk alone" before the match started. Reigns was still booed on the way in, but bless them for trying. I personally really enjoyed this. It built slow but the last 5 minutes were a PPV quality finishing stretch, with big moves and near falls galore. Reigns went for the Spear but Sheamus caught him flush in the face with a big knee, which had a sickening thud, and nailed him with a Brogue Kick for a tight near fall. Reigns eventually rallied and hit the Spear for the win. His music played for a long time afterwards as he celebrated with the ringside fans. Most people were cheering him by the end and he looked good overall, as did Sheamus

Overall, it was a basic show but enjoyable enough for what it was. I’m much more excited about NXT in Liverpool in June, but this wasn’t bad. It was certainly better than the WCW Show I saw at the same arena back in 2000, which had a Main Event of The Mamalukes Vs The Harris Brothers!