Ring of Honor

Hi, Scott
It recently hit me that I’ve been reading your reviews/articles/blogs/books going on 13 years now and that seems like a crazy long time and makes me feel really old. So thanks for the years of entertainment.

While driving, my mind wandered onto Ring of Honor. I used to be really into their brand of wrestling, but when most of their stars left for WWE, almost all of them became better performers when they couldn’t rely on doing every spot and going through every conceivable near fall in their matches anymore. Particularly in 2013 when on almost any given Raw, there was 1-2 twenty minute Daniel Bryan matches and then into 2014 when you could see ROH-style main events in NXT, but with better production values and smarter ring work. It made me think that ROH has no reason to exist these days, other than whatever small profits they make and the small number of talent they can afford to pay full-time. WWNLive is where most notably independent talent emerges now, so ROH doesn’t fill that niche. NXT basically became the weekly TV show that ROH should have strived for (and Sinclair could have made it happen had they wanted to). It’s kind of cool that they use New Japan talent, but then there’s the actual New Japan (available with relative use through their own on-demand service).

So really, unless you’re a really big Jay Lethal fan, why should I, or anyone, care about Ring of Honor in 2016?

Yeah, they’re really getting into that ECW niche of later years (which is a bad thing) where they’re too big to be small and too small to be big. The Sinclair deal isn’t really helping them expand any because the network won’t put any money into them, but they’re doing fine for an indy promotion. The shows they do are typically still sold out, it’s just that I don’t think they’re going to hit that national powerhouse level they’ve always strived for.