Goldberg arm injury


I was thinking earlier about Goldbergs shoulder injury during the 1999-2000 period where he broke a car window with his elbow.

The injury almost led to the loss of his arm…as documented in a very thorough book on the subject.

Wouldn’t the event (where he was instructed to break the window with his arm to make it look tougher) open up wcw management or turner or someone up to a lawsuit?

I know this is a theoretical situations but I sometimes think about how much worse certain things could have been in theoretical injury situations.

Any thoughts?

Well the story was that he was given a lead pipe to hold in his fist, which should have broken the glass, but he dropped it and then decided to just punch the window out anyway. Still incredibly dangerous, but in THEORY the WCW guys could say that they took precautions, I suppose. I’m with you, though, I don’t why Goldberg didn’t sue the fuck out of them.