Another round of “HOF-Worthy?”

I throw some names at you and see what your opinion is on:

a. Whether the person belongs in the HOF (and if not, why not)


b. If they are deserving, why they aren’t in there yet

Some of these are names who barely (if ever) were in WWE. Some are from decades ago, others are more recently retired. I tried to mix it up. Also, I know the “Koko B. Ware Rule” kinda means anyone can get in, but just use your own judgement I guess.

Fair enough. Let’s do it!

• Rick Martel

Definitely. Probably will get in when they need a solid midcard induction some year.

• X-Pac

They’ll induct D-X and he’ll get in there one year as well. I think the whole Chyna porn connection might hold him back, but I can see him going in as a single as well.

• Haku

Sure, he definitely goes in the Rick Martel / Godfather “Good hand for the midcard” induction category. No idea why he’s not in yet.

• Jushin Liger

Seems unlikely, but then he showed up on that NXT special. I wouldn’t die from surprise, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

• Dean Malenko

I dunno, that picture of him eating a dog might scare away the sponsors.

• Jeff Jarrett

As much as I’d like to say “never say never”, I’m gonna say never.

• Sid Vicious

Totally should be in right now. A legit candidate for a headliner.

• Raven

Too many bridges burned.

• Victoria

Yeah, sure, why not.

• Joey Styles

Only if they were gonna do it to make fun of him, like with Finkel.