Brock Wall

Hey Scott,

Just wanted to get your thoughts on whether Brock is good or bad for WWE L/T. Money aside, his feud with Ambrose kinda exposes a huge issue with the character: namely, no one can believe that he can lose. It’s the UT WM problem, except it occurs every 3-5 months instead of yearly. Plus, he’s such an overpowering presence, it actually detracts from the guy he’s up against. So now, every time he arrives it just reinforces how pathetic the rest of the lockerroom is.


​Yeah, they’re really running out of things to do with Brock to justify his salary, and as you say even on a character level it’s hard to get invested in stuff like the Ambrose feud when everyone knows that there’s zero chance of him losing. Like really, what was the point of doing that instead of the Wyatt match? Because they’re trying to protect Bray and they think Ambrose can just do something wacky and get over again?

On another point, Fastlane actually did the lowest buyrate in WWE history, so clearly Brock is not thought of as that much of a special attraction any longer, even with minimal appearances like he makes. Really, they’ve done the Cena matches, they’ve done the Undertaker matches, he’s been World champion…there’s not a hell of a lot of stories left to tell with Brock. ​