Sable question for the blog

Hi Scott!

Big fan of yours from Australia,
Hope this message finds you well!

Just a quick question for the blog–

Was wondering if you knew why Sable hasn’t been used as a talking head in any WWE Network/documentary pieces. With all the Attitude Era retrospectives (IE The Monday Night War series), you’d think they would get her involved.

I’m sure she’s accessible seeing as she’s married to Lesnar and has even been seen travelling to shows with him. Is there any reason as to why she is refusing (or hasn’t been asked) to pop up on any of their documentaries, etc. ?

​Cheers to Australia. I’m a big fan of Tim (from BB Australia) on Big Brother Canada this year!

As for Sable, I’m frankly shocked they haven’t put her in the Hall of Fame yet, so I can only surmise that she really doesn’t want any involvement with being on TV whatsoever. It’s really weird because clearly they could get a lot of use out of her and she was one of the biggest stars of the era they love to pump up all the time. I have no good answer, I’m afraid.​