RF Video Shoot Interview with Ken Anderson, Disc Two

This was filmed in 2009

The Interview was conducted by Rob Feinstein

Disc Two runs for one hour and forty-six minutes. You can read the recap of Disc One here


He is asked about working against Eddie Guerrero in his last match. Ken said that he did not notice anything different that night. He knew the chairshot “rung his bell” a bit and he was seen by the doctor. He recalls how he pulled up to the building in Minneapolis and someone came out to say Eddie was found dead in his room. Ken tells a story about how he was at a steakhouse with Eddie and Benoit just before that and they talked to him about his first overseas tour and how they would have fun.


Ken tore his muscle in a ten-man tag overseas in 2005. Paul London was supposed to tag and duck a clothesline before taking him off of the apron with a forearm. Ken said he was hanging loosely on the ropes because he was expecting a soft forearm smash but London ended up drilling him with a dropkick at full speed as Ken landed on his side on the floor and felt something pop. Ken said he looked up and saw Bob Holly, who despite rarely showing emotion saw panic in his eyes. Backstage, Ken asked London why he did that and London apologized. Ken was seen by the doctor and it was called a muscle bruise. Ken finished up the dates on the tour. After returning to the U.S., he worked a match against Matt Hardy and his arm was completely bruised so they sent him for an MRI and found out he tore his lat off of the bone and would be out 6-8 months. Ken talked about he was in the midst of a push and this was the worst possible thing to happen. He also said it was his first injury in wrestling. Ken said he still did appearances for the company while injured.


He said that Shane McMahon was really removed from the backstage stuff but when he came around wanted to be one of the boys. Ken said Shane would wrestle around with guys backstage. He then said that Stephanie McMahon was really particular and constantly did retakes, to the point Ken felt that things came off way too fake. He also puts over her business skills and that she referred to her dad by his first name.


On other guys he worked with, Ken said Bobby Lashley was getting frustrated by the end of his run but did feel like he had passion for the business. He also said Lashley was a really hard worker. Ken also put over how he would tear apart other amateur guys in the rig, such as Nick Nemeth (Dolph Ziggler). When working against the Undertaker for the first time, he was told to call it in the ring and went they were backstage after the match, Undertaker said they could work together. Ken puts over the Undertaker for helping him out and how he liked his style. Ken talks about those criticize him for not being fluid in the ring as he talks about in real fights, no one takes flat back bumps and you land in all sorts of jerky motions. The Undertaker told Ken that was different and to keep doing it as it set him apart from everyone else. However, Undertaker said that might end up hurting you with other guys as Kennedy said that John Cena, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H all hated his style.


Ken goes further into the backstage stuff in the WWE. He makes an analogy and said there are two mountains: one where the Undertaker is on as he throws ropes down and helps people out. However, the other mountain you have guys “throwing boulders” at everyone telling them to get the fuck away. He then goes back to what Jim Cornette told him in OVW as if you know someone who can help the business, do everything you can to help get them a job.


He talks about Chris Benoit and in the ring, he was not stiff but “solid” and how his kicks were always light as they barely made contact but that he did all sorts of motions that made it seem more vicious. Ken is asked about the Benoit family tragedy and how he never thought he would be capable of that. Ken also said Benoit told him that his first wife took him for everything in the divorce and that after seeing Eddie die, he lost a bit of his passion and it took a toll on his body. Ken said Benoit also had marital problems and was afraid Nancy would do to him what his first wife did and felt backed into a corner as he would have to wrestle for the rest of his life as that was his only skill. Ken talks about the media and congress want to blame steroids for the murder but it does not work like that.


Ken is asked about his media appearances after the Benoit tragedy. He said one night at 3am, he “spilled his guts” out on the keyboard and press send then called his webmaster to make sure it got out and after that, he got all sorts of feedback. Ken then said that people pay to see him entertain, not give his personal commentary. He is asked about failing a wellness test as Ken said that he did take steroids to get into the WWE as doing the right thing was not going to get him hired as everyone was jacked at the time. At the beginning of the Wellness Policy, Ken thought, like others, you could take steroids if prescribed by a doctor. He went to a clinic to get his bloodwork done and his hormone and testosterone levels were really low so he was taking prescribed steroids to help that and they were not cosmetic steroids. Ken then talks about how his body when he first started to now is completely different and people do not know the whole story and think he was just lying about steroids.


Now, he is asked about when he was supposed to get the World Heavyweight Championship. The Undertaker needed to get surgery and he was going to have a cage match on Smackdown against Batista, where Ken would run down and cash in the Money in the Bank contract. Vince and Stephanie told Ken that this was really about Batista and in the event his stock plummeted, they would put the belt back on him but they felt confident Batista’s stock would continue to surge. After that, Ken went home but first Mark Carrano, Michael Cole, and Matt Hardy threw him a party at a bar. He felt good about that and the next week, they had a double-shot in New York. He worked against Batista and took a bump and felt a pop as he went to the doctors and told he tore his tricep from the bone and would need surgery as he would be out for 7-8 months. After that, he was told Vince was picking him up in his jet so he could drop the Money in the Bank Briefcase to Edge. Ken referenced earlier that he never had a problem doing jobs but asked why he couldnt keep the briefcase when he returned as you had up until one year to cash in on the title shot. He was told they needed to make the change now. The next day, after dropping the briefcase, he went down to Dr. Andrews and was told his injury was misdiagnosed and the bicep was not torn and said it was just a hematoma. Ken had another MRI and there was some tearing of the muscle and only needed two months to heal.


After injury, he returned to RAW. When asked, Ken said the locker room on RAW was completely different. On Smackdown, Ken said they all worked together and the top guys helped the younger guys but on RAW, there was a clear separation from the top and the bottom and guys where in it for themselves. His first night, he got rolled up by Super Crazy. Ken talks about how he thought that was odd but did not say anything as he thought they were trying to test him.


When asked about the storyline about Vince’s son being revealed, Ken said the whole reveal was kept under tight wraps and had no idea himself if he was considered for the role. Stephanie did come up and said the internet believed that Ken would be the son so they played off of that for a bit, like having Vince stare at Ken while walking down the hall.


He became friendly with Steve Austin after Austin called him following a match against Batista. Austin got the number from someone in the office. Austin left a voicemail and talked about loving his match and Ken called back and got some pointers. After that, they would call each other up as Ken said Austin gave him all sorts off advice.


Ken puts over John Cena for being a hard-worker then added that Cena hates him. Ken said that he heard from others that Cena would bury him to others backstage. Ken talks about Cena tearing his pec after giving him a hip toss as Ken explains that he got blamed for the injury.


He also talks about working against Triple H and after that, Ken began to work with midcard guys. Ken then said no one came up to him and said he was doing stuff wrong as he talks about wanting people to do that so he can fix mistakes. Ken said that Triple H was always nice to him though. Ken recalls approaching Shawn Michaels once and asked if he hated him, because he felt tension. Shawn said there was no problem.


Ken dislocated his shoulder after wrestling Shelton Benjamin. Ken got dropped into the turnbuckle then went into Shelton’s finisher and he noticed the crowd did not pop. Fit Finlay told him that was overkill so they switched their finish the next night, or so he thought as Shelton still performed the previous finish and Ken’s arm got caught between their bodies.


Rob asks Ken about Bob Holly’s shoot where he blamed him for his firing. Ken said he tried to help Bob keep his job but that someone in the locker room taped up Bob’s bag and wrote “Thief” on it but instead of taking it in stride, Bob went around and called people “pussies” for doing this and caused a stink, which raised questions with management. Ken himself did not consider Bob a thief and harbors no ill will towards him. (Bob has been accused by several wrestlers for stealing pills out of their bags).


Ken was then told he was going to be put back into the mix with Randy Orton and Batista after injury. He talked about being close to Orton when they were first on RAW together and would talk together after that.


On his last match with the company, the ten-man tag match, Ken talked about having a bad feeling all day. He rode with Orton for about a year and he thought things were fine but after the match, Orton was pissed and blamed Ken for dropping him on his head. Ken tried to apologize then Orton started to lecture him about safety. Orton got iced up by the trainer as Ken said he apologized up-and-down as Orton also apologized for overreacting then after Ken made a joke, Orton went off about him not taking things seriously. Ken felt that after another top guy got hurt, he would be working against curtain-jerkers then watched the match on his DVR at home and how Orton landed flat on his back with his neck not making any contact with the mat. Ken talks about hearing through the grapevine that if you saw it from another angle, Orton jumped so hard that Ken had to pull him back into him and actually ended up landing on Ken’s shoulder. Ken said he never saw Vince flip out after the match.


He got fired when Laurinaitis called him up and home. He told Ken that they were unhappy with how things went during that match and decided to no longer go with the Ken Kennedy character. Ken said he was shocked at the news but also relieved somewhat as he was struggling for over a year. He went back to working on Smackdown and how working with guys like the Undertaker, who let Ken piledriver him, and all of a sudden he was unsafe on RAW and always felt pressured on that show and felt his confidence go away.


Ken talked about before getting fired, he went into Vince’s office to ask if he was doing something wrong. Vince told him not to worry and he would be a part of the company but Ken never felt that when he came back through the curtain. He talks about being told that his promos were not real enough. Ken also said he texted Orton after getting fired but he never replied back.


Rob asks him about heading over to TNA or Japan. Ken said its too early to tell and that he is working with his manager. He also talks about working with Paul Heyman for his website as he puts over how great it is to work with him.


He is asked about his favorite rib story. Ken said he never did that to people but cannot think of one right now. He then wraps up by saying we can follow him on Facebook.



Final Thoughts: Overall, I really enjoyed this interview. Disc Two was best, especially as he explained the political structure of the WWE. Ken did not try to go out and bury one either and was not bitter at all.

Any fan that wondered what happened to him in the WWE or someone who wants to know about the era should check this out.


You can purchase the DVD for $20 here


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