Back in late ’96 (when I first started reading online spoilers, rumors and such), I seem to remember a rumor involving Hogan and Savage possibly returning to the WWF. It was something about their contracts both being up, and they were in negotiations with McMahon. I recall thinking that this was strange, as this was during the height of the NWO. Was there any truth to this, or is my mind playing tricks on me again?


​In Savage’s case it was very close to happening. Savage’s contract was up after Halloween Havoc ’96 (which is why he lost and got punked out so much) and he was definitely in negotiations to come back to the WWF, albeit with a much more limited schedule than he had been working. That’s why he was gone from WCW until January. Ironically, the deal fell through ​after weeks of negotiations because Hogan’s contract was also up, and Vince made HIM an even bigger offer than Savage and then told Savage that he couldn’t afford to pay him what was discussed because Hogan would be making so much. So then Savage re-signed with WCW, and Hogan took his offer from Vince to Bischoff, who promptly matched it and signed Hogan to a new long-term deal. So Vince got nothing and Hogan plays everyone in the end.

But yeah, it was definitely something that could have easily happened. Vince was promising Hogan another World title run and was going to debut him with a win at the Royal Rumble and everything if you believe Hulk.