60 Days In

From the Observer thread…

I’m too lazy to Google it. What the hell is 60 Days In?

Only the greatest show ever! Granted, I’m very predisposed to loving prison shows, the trashier the better (not just Orange is the New Black and Wentworth, but like the constant prison show marathons like Lockup and Hard Time on MSNBC) but this is a new level of awesome.
It’s on A&E, with seven episodes thus far, and the premise is that the sheriff of Clark Country jail wants to know how drugs get into the system and how they can improve, so it’s a reality show where seven "normal" people volunteer to go into jail for 60 days and live as prisoners. The catch is that no one outside of the producers and the sheriff actually knows that they’re not criminals, and in fact none of the participants knows who the other ones are, either. And you think it’s going to be this predictable reality TV nonsense where you have the straight-laced cop who’s trying to bust up crooks in jail or whatever, but it quickly turns into a batshit crazy social experiment where all these people start reacting and adapting in ways that no one ever expected. It’s un-repentant trash and total guilty pleasure viewing, but holy shit when you hit the point where one person is literally sitting there eating popcorn while two others nearly get into a brawl over nothing, you’ll be hooked forever.