TNT II – The Thursday Night Thread

Hello everyone and welcome to the only Thursday open thread worth going crazy in. We talk about everything, we get a little bit nuts and in the end, we’ll have a whole lot of people going to bed.

Tonight is a packed night of entertainment and information, as the second week of baseball season continues. The Yankees and the Blue Jays play in a rubber game after splitting the first two games in their series. And if you don’t care about the American League East, there are a handful of other games going on tonight after a slate of afternoon baseball.

Smackdown is on USA tonight, and Democratic primary candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton go at it over on CNN, in advance of Tuesday’s New York State primary.

The main attraction, of course, is the Live Watch, hosted by the only guy who can put the whole show on his bill – DUCK! Tonight, at 8 pm Eastern, we watch Cyber Sunday 2006 featuring a Triple Threat Champion of Champions match between Booker T, Big Show and John Cena. Also on the show are a bunch of stupid stipulations voted on by WWE fans! And they didn’t even have an app!

This is your open thread for the evening! Talk about anything and everything!