Rollins or HHH

Hey Scott,

How much of this whole debacle regarding Reigns would’ve changed if Rollins wasn’t injured and booked in this program? Would he be getting a better face reaction if he was playing off a conniving Rollins rather than HHH – the badass in corporate clothing?

​Well that was kind of the point with Rollins, where they did everything humanly possible to make him an unlikable shit who no sane human being could get behind, because then people couldn’t POSSIBLY boo Reigns when he won the title. That ended up being the same theory behind Sheamus getting the title for a month as well. Either way I don’t think it would help Reigns. People don’t boo him because they liked HHH better, they boo him because they’re rejecting the character and everything that WWE has tried is just a short-term bandage that’s not addressing WHY he’s not over. As Taylor Swift notes, band-aids don’t heal bullet holes. I have to listen to that album a lot in the car. It’s pretty great, actually. ​