What’s in a name?


Coasting somewhat off that "perfect build" question: Would you credit Brock’s abrupt departure and subsequent success/media attention with Vince’s doubling down on disallowing talent to perform under their real names? I seem to recall a good chunk of the Ruthless Aggression-era regulars (who weren’t Attitude holdovers) simply forgoing stage names or–in cases such as Ba(u)tista’s–slightly modifying their real names. These days it seems like the only circumstances under which an incoming Superstar (TM) might be allowed to perform under their legal name is if, ironically, they have sufficient pre-existing media attention affixed to their "brand."

​I wouldn’t put any particular stock in "real names" one way or another, because it changes so frequently based on Vince’s whims of the moment anyway. There’s so many examples one way or another that you can build a case either way you want, whether it someone like CM Punk being allowed to come in with his own gimmick name, or the TNA guys being allowed to use their own names. ​