WCW Audience

Hey Scott. I was listening to a podcast and the host mentioned that "WWF never managed to get the WCW audience after WCW was bought out." How true is this? While it was night and day between the two in terms of quality, I’d argue the concept was same (show on Monday, backstage skits, authority figures, etc). Did WCW still have that deep South rasslin fan base that watched a poor man’s WWF but refused to watch Vince’s product?


​What are you, a WWE employee? The entire reason that WWE couldn’t convert those 5 million viewers that evaporated is that WCW was an entirely different product built on an entirely different history, and Vince never respected that or paid any attention to it. And as a result, all those "deep South rasslin’ fans" went away along with their millions of dollars in disposable income. And Vince can’t even say he didn’t expect it to happen, since he already bought WCW once before on Black Saturday! And the exact same thing happened then, too! ​