WWF Wrestling Challenge May 15th, 1988

May 15, 1988

From the Springfield Civic Center in Springfield, MA

Your hosts are Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon

This week in action will be Strike Force, One Man Gang, and the Don Muraco vs. Ted DiBiase and Rick Rude vs. Koko B. Ware matches from the 4/30/88 edition of “Saturday Night’s Main Event.”


Strike Force vs. Rick Gantner & Tony Ulysses

Ulysses lands a few shots after a break against the ropes but Martel immediately fights back. He hits a dropkick then works the arm as we get an insert promo from Strike Force, warning Demolition and Mr. Fuji they will fight back until the belts are back around their waist. Santana is in the wrong corner but Gantner accidentally nails his own partner. Heenan makes all sorts of jokes about Strike Force not having the belts as they are in control of the match. The announcers now talk about Randy Savage going through four men to win the WWF World Heavyweight Title as Martel slams Ulysses off of the top rope then Santana tags and gets the win with a flying forearm (5:02).

Thoughts: Long match as they still pushing the potential Strike Force/Demolition rematch as a big deal.



WWF Special Report with Sean Mooney. This is Mooney’s WWF debut. This week’s subject is the Honky Tonk Man and how his hair gives him confidence. We get a clip of the finish of his WrestleMania IV match against Brutus Beefcake then a clip of Beefcake cutting the hair of Danny Davis. Mooney then ponders how long Honky can hold on to his belt and his hair.



We are shown the Rude vs. Koko B. Ware match from “Saturday Night’s Main Event.” Rude won rather easily.



Gene Okerlund is back in the Event Center. We get a clip from Jake Roberts as he talks about his wife slapping Rick Rude and how he also has something he wants to do to him as well. We get promos from Ron Bass and the Junkyard Dog as they hype up their feud. They were both solid.



One Man Gang w/ Slick vs. Mario Mancini

Gang immediately beats down Mancini as the announcers put over his size. We then get an insert promo from Oliver Humperdink, who says that Bam Bam Bigelow is just as big and awesome as the One Man Gang. Back to the match as Gang puts Mancini away with a front suplex (1:30).

Thoughts: The Gang/Bigelow feud was pushed again but they did a poor job at it really and the feud never ended up gaining momentum.



Back to the Event Center with Okerlund. We hear from Hercules and Bobby Heenan as well as the Ultimate Warrior as they hype up their feud. We also hear from Hacksaw Jim Duggan, who tells Andre the Giant that he is not afraid of him.



Killer Bees vs. Terry Gibbs & Iron Mike Sharpe

The Bees start off by working the arm of Gibbs. The announcers put over how all of the teams want a title shot at Demolition as we get an insert promo from the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers, who tell us there are no good guys, bad guys, or prejudice as they will be facing the Bees and hope the best team wins. Gibbs cheapshots Brunzell from the apron as the heels hammer away in the corner. Brunzell boots Gibbs, who ducked his head, then tags Blair. The Bees are in control then put Sharpe away after consecutive dropkicks (3:38).

Thoughts: The Bees get a win to hype up their upcoming house show matches against the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers.



Craig DeGeorge welcomes Dino Bravo and Frenchy Martin to the interview platform. Frenchy has his “USA is not OK” sign as they are both bothered by the USA chants. Bravo is then pissed off at Ken Patera, who says Bravo is not the World’s Strongest Man. Bravo puts over his own strength and promises to prove Patera and the rest of the USA that their country “stinks.” Frenchy then speaks in French as the segment ends.



We now are shown the Don Muraco vs. Ted DiBiase match from “Saturday Night’s Main Event.”



The Bolsheviks w/ Slick vs. Brady Boone & Billy Woods

Before the match, we are treated to the Russian National Anthem. Volkoff hammers away on Woods to start. He hits a few suplexes as we get an insert promo from the Bolsheviks and Slick, who believe they are the cream of the crop and that Demolition would end up just a number in the statistics column. Back to the match as Volkoff turns Boone inside out with a clothesline then tags Zhukov, who misses a charge in the corner. Woods tags and lands a few punches and a dropkick but misses a second attempt. Boone breaks up a bearhug with a dropkick but Volkoff clotheslines Woods behind the ref’s back then Zhukov puts him away with the Polish Hammer (2:17).

Thoughts: For some reason they were trying to push the Bolsheviks as a Tag Team threat. It was a testament as to how weak they were on the heel side with the Islanders pretty much done for at this point. This team sucked and had no chemistry.



Back in the Event Center, Okerlund runs down a list of the top tag teams. We then hear from Heenan, telling us he does not like foreigners, British accents, or dogs as he insults the British Bulldogs and Matilda. Tama then tells the Bulldogs they are “dumb” and “stupid” and to speak so people can understand them. They end the segment by barking. We get the Bulldogs, who tell us the do not like Islanders taking away what belongs to them. They both look high as kites here. In fact, there were several performers who looked zonked at these tapings and the next shows, which were taped elsewhere, those performers were a lot more subdued so I have to wonder if they announced drug testing ahead of time.



Next week in action we will see a tug-of-war between Ken Patera and Dino Bravo. We get dueling promos from each man.



Final Thoughts: Not a whole lot new here besides Sean Mooney’s WWF debut and a few SNME matches if you missed that. They pushed a lot of bad acts here like Bravo and the Bolsheviks as well.



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