Hey, Scott:

Love the look back at Meltzer’s old newsletters. Quick question: reading some of the more, uh, outlandish news items (thinking, specifically, of the 1989 report that another "wrestling album" was to be released featuring Jimmy Snuka, among others) is it possible (or maybe even understood) that Meltzer might’ve been getting ribbed by at least some of his industry sources? Or, maybe even ribbing his readers? And, if so, is there some sort of 60/30/10 formula to decipher how much of Meltzer’s writing is truth/informed speculation/ribbing n’ bullshit?


​For Dave to be ribbing his readers would have required a sense of humor drastically different than the one he displayed at the time. Sometimes info is just wrong, or of course Plans Change. Especially when Vince plans stupid shit like another wrestling album or the Elizabeth-branded perfume that was supposed to come out after WM5 and never saw the light of day. ​