Random NXT thought

Hey Scott,

With Mania weekend behind us. I had a few thoughts and wanted you to share your opinions on it.

1) American Alpha are awesome and The Revival(ugh) are a good heel team for them but after that there is no tag divison now. Only Blake and Murphy really. Should this be a worry,or will they just do AA/Revival (ugh) for 6 months until they build other teams?

2) So Enzo and Cass are finally called up. You think Carmella will eventually join them? Or would that hurt them? Also if you were the New Day,would you worry? Booty O’s,really?

3) Was Apollo Crews call up a little strange?NXT really hyped him coming in and tried to push as future chamption,he’s done fine but not great,not getting big wins and doesn’t really seem to fit in that environment. So they thought,screw it,call up him and see what they can do?

4) Finally, Baron Corbin. Where do you see his push going? I’m a fan, and he’s came a long way in the past year,but disappointed as his NXT gimmick was catching fire.

Thanks again Scott.

​1. They should be able to build some more teams pretty quickly. I imagine Blake & Murphy will get a bit of a push again as the challengers to put over AA while they find new prospects to team up.
2. I don’t know what the deal with Carmella is. You’d think they would always have room on the WWE roster for another hot blonde and it can only help Enzo & Cass to be associated with her. It’s not like Vince ever looks at women like that and goes "Nope, we’ve got enough, pal."

3. I really think Vince just randomly watched him and thought he could make a star due to his look. It was a really strange callup on a lot of levels.

4. Another strange callup. I just don’t see him going anywhere because he can’t do the jobber destruction thing on RAW and ​he’s not big enough to out-big guys like Show and Kane. Plus he’s not exactly getting younger.