NWA ’88-’89 talent influx

So I’m just thinking to myself how awesome ’88-’89 JCP is before the sale to Turner. It’s one hell of a roster. But despite those peak years, it still was not enough to compete with Titan in the long run financially & with public recognition as being a second rate promotion. There were some other big name talents throughout the other territories though, some who got over in Japan as well.

Now I realize some of these names would occasionally pass through Crockett for short runs. These are talents that made names for themselves without the WWF machine. Guys like…….Jerry Lawler, Larry Zbyszko, Abdullah the Butcher, Stan Hansen, Bruiser Brody, Kerry & Kevin Von Erich, Sgt Slaughter, & the Fabulous Freebirds of Hayes, Bam Bam Gordy & Buddy Roberts.

If Crockett can somehow secure & afford these other big name talents to commit to JCP in ’87-’89 is this enough firepower to change anything, like balance the competition with Titan or maybe avoid the sale? Is there even enough room on the roster for this many mouths to feed? Throw in all these names with Flair, Dusty, L.o.D., Horsemen, Sting, Funk, Luger, Steamboat, Muta, Steiners, & Midnights, and this is one AMAZING roster. Does it compete or change the landscape in any way?

​No, because talent wasn’t the issue with Crockett. You can have all the same talent as the WWF had (as WCW proved later on) and still fail if:

1) Dusty Rhodes is booking terrible finishes that are killing cities off night after night.

2) You buy up every other territory that’s already failing at an inflated cost to keep Vince from doing so.

3) Millions of dollars are being spent on needless expenses like offices in Dallas and private jets for members of the executive.

Crockett would have been, if not fine, at least financially solvent and able to compete on a regional level for many years after 1988 if he had​
​​ stayed in the Carolinas and Georgia, where the WWF was never able to draw for many years afterwards anyway. With a plum TV spot, the promotion wasn’t going anywhere unless Crockett himself killed it, which is what happened.​