Question about never-before-seen matches…

– According to, the following never before seen Steve Austin matches will be included on WWE’s Attitude Era Vol. 3 – Unreleased DVD and Blu-ray, which is set for an April release…

* Steve Austin vs. Shawn Michaels WWE Title Match, Kuwait City 5/12/1996
* Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker, Madison Square Garden 8/9/1996
* Steve Austin vs. Goldust, In Your House: It’s Time dark match 12/15/1996
* Steve Austin vs. Triple H, Anaheim, California RAW dark match 3/13/1998

Hey Scott-

I was just wondering if you thought anything of these particular matches, if they were important or anything. Long time reader and big fan. Thanks!

​They’re really scraping the barrel on this Attitude Era thing, aren’t they? I have never seen any of those classic encounters but none of them sound particularly thrilling. I have heard that the Kuwait match is junk, so don’t get excited about it because nothing on that show was particularly good. ​