Wrestlemania Moments

The WWE no longer seems interested in using Wrestlemania as the big climax of the year where storylines are capped and grudges concluded. It now just seems to be a tool to manufacture Wrestlemania "moments". Sure, New Day coming out of a cereal box in Saiyan armor and Shane jumping from the top of the cell was really cool to watch and definitely awe worthy… but these moments didn’t resolve anything. Wrestlemania moments used to happen organically either in a great match or through a character moment. Now, moments are just… moments, not elevating anyone really. Why did this change?


​At the same point when guys stopped fighting for titles and started doing entertainment exhibitions and "having fun" and worrying about their "legacies". It’s part of the same reason why Wrestlemania drew a shitload of money while ratings bomb before and after the show — it’s a standalone event on its own that features part-time guys and has little to do with the rest of the year now. And I bet it’ll only get worse as we go on. ​