Should Brock Have Kept The Title?


Looking back now,is there an argument that Brock should never have lost the title at WrestleMania Play? You could have still had Rollins run in with the case only to eat an F5,which would have protected both Brock and Reigns.

Brock can then head back to the farm while Rollins/Reigns/Orton sort out who the #1 contender is,you can still do Taker-Brock and the Cena-Jon Stewart stuff over the summer too. HHH and Rollins could have spun off into a ‘told you that you weren’t ready’ feud as well.

Brock can then crush Sheamus at the Rumble en route to Brock-Reigns II at Mania,where Reigns does the impossible over the 20 month champion etc etc.

​Yeah, there’s definitely an argument there. Especially considering what a waste that Seth’s title reign ended up being. He was supposed to be the big setup guy for Reigns at Survivor Series and then wasn’t able to drop the title to him. Keeping it on Brock would have at least continued to make the belt seem special. ​