WrestleMania has come and gone, and the IWC is mourning the loss of the art of booking, or so it seems. It feels that for the last year or 2, all I hear online in regards to the WWE and more specifically the illogical booking that haunts the main roster, is negativity. I can’t help but agree with this sentiment. I am also a life long fan, and I can not remember a time I have found the product to be as ice cold as it is today.

Every now and then I read someone online claiming that they are going to stop watching raw forever. But I know these people will probably never do that. Wrestling is a habit that is hard to shake off. They will be watching within a month or two. It’s a shame really. The WWE needs a message to which it will listen. Arenas chanting what they think of the show does not seem to help. The negativity is being brushed away with the often heard “vocal minority” bullshit. Which bring me to my idea…

Can’t we all just make a deal to pick a specific date on a Monday, and try to rally as many people online as possible to not watch Raw on that specific date? Looking at the calendar I see May 16 as the go home show for Extreme Rules. Let’s all agree not to watch that show. Spread the word. #Rawprotest or something I don’t care. Let’s see if we all work together on one night, if we can manage to make an impact on those ratings. I need everyones help here! Let’s make this happen!


Are we really the vocal minority?

​Ratings don’t work that way, first of all. You would need to convince people with Nielsen boxes to boycott, because otherwise literally everyone with a TV could stop watching and it wouldn’t change ratings one bit. But yes, we are definitely the minority, about 0.1% being the best estimate.

You could always try an online petition, though. I hear people love those.​