WM X-7 Redo

So what about this as a Mania ending;

Shane goes over Taker in the Cell somehow… The Authority is off Raw and Steph and Vince are a wreck before HHH’s main event title defense and he says "you two figure it out, I’ll do this on my own!"
Main event, 15 minutes in, Vince walks out after a ref bump and tosses in the sledgehammer in… Then jumps in and low blows HHH! Roman hits him with the hammer, Spear, 1, 2, 3. Vince and Roman toast to end the show ala Austin/Vince.
On Raw Vince will say the authority lost all its power so he backed the future and the new authority, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns!

​Yeah, but again it’s just putting a band-aid on the bigger issue. They don’t want Reigns as a heel, they want him as the main event babyface, and he’s not the guy. ​