Shane vs. Undertaker Lightning Round

Help me out here, this match confuses me on so many levels.

Shane McMahon, is out to end the authority once and for all (never mind that they aren’t involved in this match at all) but to do so he’ll need to defeat and retire the Undertaker. So…

1. Who am I supposed to root for?
2. How is Shane a believable opponent to beat The Undertaker in any way shape or form?
3. Will this match main event Wrestlemania?
4. If yes to above, what will CM Punk think when Shane McMahon has a Wrestlemania main event on his resume?
5. Are Vince and company just trolling us with this match?

I’ll hang up and wait for your response.

​1. I believe Shane is the babyface by virtue of opposing Vince.
2. I guess that’s what the drama is supposed to be? Vince books him against someone who he has no chance to beat and then he wins?
3. The magic 8 ball seems to say "Yes".
4. He’s too busy counting his UFC money and pretending to train.
5. I feel like the entire card is trolling us, frankly, but NXT is tonight so I don’t fucking care as long as it’s awesome. Wrestlemania can be a big shit sandwich but I’m gonna lose my mind for Bayley v. Asuka and consider myself happy this weekend.