Batman v. Superman

Mic Drop
As I noted on Facebook, I saw this tonight and felt like the plot was vaguely related to the Dark Knight Returns as though Zack Snyder was taking a phone call from someone explaining it to him while driving through a tunnel. "What? Armored Batman? Nuke Superman but he gets all shriveled and revived by the sun? Got it." Like really, who would be so stupid to think that Superman could be done in by a nuke? There was a lot of really stupid people in this movie doing stupid things, least of which was Superman fighting with Batman (AFTER TWO HOURS!) instead of just saying what he needed to say as soon as he walked into the room. Also, kudos to Jesse Eisenberg for not playing it safe as Luthor, apparently channeling a meth-addicted version of Jim Carrey’s Riddler in Batman Forever instead of the super-genius criminal that people expected. It was different, that’s for sure. Perhaps they should have watched Daredevil first and stolen the way that Kingpin was played, because that was, you know, good. I will say, Ben Affleck was not terrible as Batman, but there was three different people in three drastically different movies all mashed together into one boring mess here and I’m really saddened that this thing is gonna hit a billion dollars by next week.

However, the explosions were nice and Amy Adams in a bathtub is worth my $20 (I got the fancy shaking seats for fun), so I’ll give it that.