RF Video Shoot Interview with Jacqueline

This was filmed in 2015

The interview was conducted by Rob Feinstein

It runs at one hour and eighteen minutes long



The interview starts off with Jacqueline being asked if she was a wrestling fan while growing up in Texas. She talks about watching the Von Erich’s and how they inspired he to be a wrestler. She said it was a tossup between Kevin and Kerry as far as her favorite Von Erich.


She talks about studying martial arts growing up and how she is a “black belt.”


Jacqueline became a wrestler after seeing an ad in the paper for a wrestling school, which turned out to be run by Skandor Akbar. She puts him over for being a great teacher and how they were tough on her, which Akbar said you needed to be tough in the business. Jacqueline said she was treated like one of the guys and they were equally stiff with her. Jacqueline also said she never thought about quitting because she is not a quitter and is a physical person to begin with.


After eight months of training, she wrestled her first match in World Class. Jacqueline said she was really green and shocked she was told to go over in the match. She first wrestled under the name Sweet Georgia Brown, which was the creation of Akbar himself. She wrestled the Blue Angel during that match.


In the locker room, she was starstruck by the Von Erichs. This was around 1988 or 1989. She used to travel with Skandor Akbar and Bronco Lubich. She did not have a lot of contact with Fritz Von Erich but said the rest of the locker room was nice to her. Jacqueline claimed to not witness any “partying” from the Von Erichs.


Jacqueline went to FMW in Japan and talks about how the girls do not mes around in the ring. She recalls one time being kicked so hard in the stomach the wind got knocked out of her. She seems to forget the names of her opponents and partners.


After World Class and FMW, Eric Embry wanted her to come into Memphis under the name Miss Texas to be his valet. Regarding Jerry Lawler, Jacqueline said he was tough on her but great to work with. She said that Memphis was where she really got to hone her craft. Jacqueline said you did not make money working in Memphis but it was still a fun time. She talks about getting so much heat fans would want to fight her. They also threw bottles and spit at her as well.


On working the “Mud Pit” matches, Jacqueline said they were a blast. She also talks about not turning down anything and that she did get a bigger payoff for getting her head shaved. She puts over the Dirty White Girl and Luna Vachon as being great people. She lived working with Lauren Davenport and said that she heard about her passing, which seemed to surprise Feinstein. She also considers Downtown Bruno (Harvey Whippleman) a good friend. She does not remember being involved in the angle where Uptown Karen got her head shaved but knows that it happened.


She talks about all of the traveling you do in Memphis and how little you get paid as she lived out of her suitcase and pretty much ate just tuna fish and rice.


Jacqueline said she did not experience any racism in wrestling when starting out as everyone was nice to her.


Feinstein asks her about intergender matches, which are featured on the independent scene today, and how she feels about that. Jacqueline thinks they are okay as a special attraction but should not happen every week, like in Lucha Underground.



On the rumor that she was supposed to manage Jeff Jarrett in his WWF debut, Jacqueline said that was false.


She talks about getting hired by WCW. JJ Dillon called her as she was constantly sending pictures of herself to get a job. Kevin Sullivan saw them and wanted to bring her in as his valet. He apparently did not even know she was a wrestler. She met Sullivan, who in her first appearance was told by him to slap the guy when he got tossed outside. Jacqueline said she was going to do more than that and when the guy was tossed outside, she whipped him into the guardrail and stiffed him with a clothesline before hitting a slam as the fans went nuts and Sullivan and Jimmy Hart were shocked.


Jacqueline felt that Eric Bischoff was unapproachable. She then talks about how she mostly dealt with Sullivan and Hart.


Regarding the Sullivan and Chris Benoit storyline, Jacqueline said she kept her distance from it and felt awkward as it got “too real.”


On Sullivan’s retirement, Jacqueline said he came up with the idea for her to beat him in a match but that got nixed. She puts him over for being a genius and that he was instrumental in getting her over. Jacqueline also denied the rumor that she had a relationship with Kevin Sullivan.


After Sullivan, she briefly managed Harlem Heat. She puts over how hard it was as they had great chemistry with Sherri Martel. Jacqueline liked both guys though.


Regarding Disco Inferno and working against him, Jacqueline said they split their series 1-1 and had no recollection of working with him in USWA.


Jacqueline talks about WCW not renewing her contract after one year and had no idea as to why that was the case. She was pissed about this then talked about how the guys backstage were not talking to her as she felt they all knew the company was getting rid of her. One day, she was told to go out and have Elizabeth attack her, which she said was ridiculous as she had been beating up guys at the time and Elizabeth never did anything physical. Jacqueline told the agent, Arn Anderson, she would not do the spot. He told to her just stand ringside then as they would not do the spot. Jacueline then goes into how someone could have “shooted” on her and was not stupid enough to believe them and refused altogether. A few days later, Terry Taylor called her up and she was fired. (So, she did know why they did not re-sign her then).


Jim Ross called her after she left WCW and offered her a deal. She talks about being nervous when meeting Vince McMahon for the first time and being shocked over actually making it to the WWF.


Jacqueline said her angle with Sable was “money” and had a fun time with that. She also hated doing bikini contests and stuff like that but did enjoy when she beat Sable at Fully Loaded. Jacqueline also liked working mixed tags, feeling they were easier to get the crowd into the match.


On working with Luna, Jacqueline said she was always aggressive and snug, even more so than she was. Jacqueline then talks about a lot of women she wrestled over the years not liking or some even afraid of working against herself as Jacqueline then talks about how she treated everyone the same in the ring.


Regarding the womens locker room at the time, she laughs and talks about how when you get a bunch of women in the same room you are bound to have problems. She knew that Luna and Sable had problems but stayed away from drama herself and tried to get along with everyone.


Jacqueline did not have a problem with how women were portrayed during the “Attitude Era,” saying that “sex sells.”


She is then asked about some of the women she worked with in the WWE. Tori was quiet, Terri was awesome and beautiful. Regarding Chyna, just said she was “business” and did not hang out with her. Jacqueline talks about how over Lita was and that she was a good person. Puts over Ivory as a great talker.


During the PMS angle, Jacqueline said it was okay but not a good showcase for her talents. She also said that Vince Russo was cool and never had a problem with his storylines. Jacqueline did say, when asked, that the Marlena miscarriage angle was tasteless and did not understand what they were going for there.


Jacqueline wished they kept the Womens Title on wrestlers instead of Kat and Debra but she did not have any problems with it at all. She then recalls how Stephanie McMahon was really sweet to her after Jacqueline dropped the belt to her as she went over and hugged her after the show.


She wished she could have teamed up with Jazz, thinking they could have been a female version of doom, but the idea got shot down.


On “Tough Enough,” Jacqueline had a good time with the show and that the fans were already smartened up to the business at that point anyway. She thought Nidia stood out the most to her and that in the audition, Maven stood out because he flirted with her. Jacqueline said that Taylor Matheny did not have the look they were going for but liked her a lot.


She is now asked about the “flight from hell.” Jacqueline talks about being terrified as they were all told to strap on their seatbelts so Curt Hennig and Brock Lesnar could wrestle in the aisle.


Jacqueline did not recall what lead to her being a referee and suggests it might have been her own idea.


On her WWE release in 2004, she talks about being told that they do not have any ideas for you and that it is ridiculous because they have a whole creative team.


She went to TNA after the WWE but did not believe they utilized her well and she did not even wrestle for the title. She did not last there long and went back again in 2007, joking that she went back “like a dumbass” and noted how it wasnt because they payoffs were good. Jacqueline said she came because she loved wrestling.


On being paired with James Storm, she liked working with him and that he was funny as hell.


When being asked to compare WWE to TNA, Jacqueline laughed and said there is none. She did note that when Gail Kim knocked out her teeth during a match, TNA paid the medical bills.


Throughout the interview she is asked about various workers, men and women, and puts them all over except for Rhaka Khan. Jacqueline said she was a piece of work and that no one got along with her.


Jacqueline laughs as she went back to TNA again to team with ODB. When asked if the company ever gained any momentum, she joked about not noticing if they did.


Today, she works for a toy company and paints as a hobby.


She loved working for the WWE, stating it was a dream job, as she got to travel all over the world.


The interview ends with Jacqueline thanking her fans for their support.



Final Thoughts: From this interview, I found Jacqueline to be a nice person. She seemed to want to see the good in people and did not have a lot of negative things to say. However, the interview itself was largely forgettable. Plus, her memory was really hazy as she seemed to have no recollection of several events that took place during her career.

Another thing I saw here was just how much Jacqueline loved wrestling. She even said that was the reason she kept going back to TNA, a company she did not think too highly of at all. She does love the sport and never complained once about injuries or how she was treated by her peers.

Overall, I cannot really recommend this interview. There just was not enough interesting things here to make it something to seek out. And fans of Jacqueline’s career might be disappointed as her memory was quite poor and she forgot about a lot of events.


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