At what point did the post-WrestleMania RAW become comparably as big of a deal as the show itself? Most people are far more interested in seeing if Finn Balor or other talent gets called up than any of the story dealing with the championship match or Shane/UT.

I understand that they want to keep a buzz from the show going into TV, but wouldn’t they be better served doing that by putting on an awesome show rather than conditioning fans to think that there are still bullets left in the chamber after the show?

​I think the first real big ones came during the Attitude Era, especially the one in 98 where Austin got the new World title belt and really kicked off the Vince feud hardcore.

But hey, if they can make people interested in SOMETHING relating to this year’s show, that’s at least better than what we’ve had so far. I don’t think we’ve had a Wrestlemania since maybe 13 where the buildup was so anemic and there’s been less buzz. ​