The 6 man tag match on RAW tonight with the Wrestlemania IC ladder match contestants was so terrible that I thought the only possible explanation was they were changing the WM match. This match may have set the record for the highest # of random crowd chants in a 20 minute span(non-Diva Division). Until the last couple of minutes, it seemed like they were going out of their way to put on a bad match…for almost 20 minutes(!) in the last half hour of the go home RAW for WM. Our payoff was KO acting liking a coward, then an idiot when his partners left, and then laying down for a former rival.

I’m wondering if these guys went out of their way to stink the joint up because they are so disinterested in the match/angle, or is there a plausible payoff for this waste of time and KO? Personally, I’m hoping Kevin walks out of the match and says it is beneath him, and then inserts himself into a match in the upper part of the card.

I’m interested in you thoughts Scott…

​You know I don’t watch RAW, right? So the likelihood of me having thoughts on some random match on the show is pretty low.

As for the WM match, no idea. The match makes no sense and has no real viable storyline behind it, and the only plausible winners are Owens and Zayn. You’d think they would just do a singles match between them, but apparently it’s vitally important to jam another 5 guys into the match instead of just using them in the battle royale. ​