Sid and Undertaker in WCW


I noticed in the 1989 Observer flashbacks that Sid Eudy and Mark "Master of Pain" Calloway were impressive prospects and getting over on size/look alone in places like Memphis and other indies. My question is, given how much Vince loves big guys, how did WCW get to both of these guys first? Was Vince simply unaware of their existence? If they were being mentioned in the Observer, they had to be well-known prospects. Or did Vince simply expect WCW to mishandle both guys to the point where they would both quit/be fired and become free agents?

​I think they just weren’t on Vince’s radar at that point and WCW had better scouting. Keep in mind that with Sid, even WCW made him do a tryout because he already had a rep as being terrible. It’s not really Vince’s style to take a chance on unproven greenhorns (aside from Zeus) and his thing was more letting WCW or AWA develop them and then stealing them. ​

That being said, holy shit, can you imagine Sid playing Zeus and then getting his spot against Hogan at Summerslam? That would have legit broken the buyrate record set by Wrestlemania.