Absolutely Not A Luger and Reigns Question


How do you think the backstage/office conversations about certain people getting booed have gone? Will it be directly discussed at all? Will it just be Vince saying "It’s OK,kid" like it’ll all magically vanish at WrestleMania?

Vince got the message in 1993/1994 and pushed Bret,he got it with reactions to Rock in 1997 and lit a touchpaper,he simply had to accomodate Bryan in 2014. What’s so,so different and difficult right now?

​The Eva Marie thing is a real head-scratcher, given that they’re spent the past few months developing her character as a heel that everyone knows is a terrible wrestler and that she doesn’t even deserve her spot. And then apparently people were supposed to cheer her. It actually really shows the disconnect between NXT and Vince’s desires, as everyone said when she was sent down in the first place. It was known that Vince wanted to make her into the big babyface star and everyone assumed that when she got more over as a heel that they would actually adjust, but no. ​