Triple H and punishment

HI Scott,

WWE/F lore has it that after the ‘curtain call’ HHH ‘got punished’, had his push taken away and earned THE LOCKER ROOMS RESPECT because he took his medicine and didn’t complain.

Apart from the King of the ring win taken away and perhaps some losses (the hogpen match gets pointed out, but I’m pretty sure he won that) was his ‘punishment’ really that severe? It’s not like he was losing to Bob Holly in opening or dark matches, compared to the treatment that say Zack Ryder is getting it seems like he got off lightly for such a big deal at the time.

Also, can you think of anyone that has gad a similar situation (ie punished or depushed only to come back and earn peoples trust/respect’)?

​Well I mean, the hogpen match was months BEFORE the Curtain Call, so that doesn’t exactly fit the timeline. But yes, he got convincingly squashed on TV quite a few times during that era, and if he didn’t have the backing of Shawn Michaels and they weren’t so desperate for talent, he probably would have been let go completely in that alternate timeline. So no, it wasn’t like he was Zack Ryder, but the Hunter Hearst Helmsley character was essentially broken down to square one again and then rebuilt. In the end it was for the better for him anyway. ​