Monday Nitro – October 30, 2000

Monday Nitro #264
Date: October 30, 2000
Location: Bren Events Center, Irvine, California
Commentators: Mark Madden, Scott Hudson, Tony Schiavone

We’re past Halloween Havoc and as you might expect, WCW managed to screw up what should have been a pretty easy show. Booker T. is still the World Champion after Scott Steiner got disqualified, meaning tonight it’s Booker defending against Mike Awesome in a match I’m sure will happen as advertised. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of last night’s results, thankfully omitting the Sting Army.

Someone is here in a white limo.

Opening sequence.

Tag Team Titles: Kidman/Rey Mysterio vs. Mark Jindrak/Sean O’Haire

Jindrak and O’Haire are defending and we hear about a new CEO arriving tonight. So what was the point of having two guys fight over being Commissioner for so long? I’m assuming we can add that to the list of stories that go nowhere and mean nothing. Konnan sits in on commentary, which could be a lot more entertaining than it has any right to be. Rey slaps Jindrak in the face to start as Konnan talks about an article on Jindrak’s high school sports career.

Kidman comes in and stomps Jindrak in the corner until it’s off to O’Haire for a hard shot to the face. A blind tag brings in Rey with a springboard sunset flip but Sean drops him with a slingshot sitout powerbomb. That great looking springboard clothesline gives Jindrak a near fall as well but Rey comes back with a hurricanrana out of the corner. The hot tag brings in Kidman to clean house as everything breaks down. The BK Bomb drops Jindrak to set up the Nutcracker Supreme, followed by a botched count as the Boogie Knights are late running in. Disco gets in a Last Dance, giving O’Haire the pin to retain.

Rating: C+. As usual this company does much better when they just let the wrestlers wrestle. There were too many botches in here to really have it work but putting Jindrak and O’Haire out there with guys like Mysterio and Kidman is only going to do good things for them. Hopefully these matches are signs of the future instead of signs that Jindrak and O’Haire are being carried.

Mike Sanders is in the back with Kevin Nash when Scott Steiner comes up and demands a title match tonight. That’s fine with Mike so Scott leaves. Kevin tells Sanders to pick his battles.

Hardcore Title: Reno vs. Kwee Wee

Reno is defending after beating Kwee Wee last week but Rolling the Dice on Paisley after the match. Before the match, Kwee Wee talks about beating up Reno in the Power Plant and not wanting to be one of the Natural Born Ratings Killers. I’ll never get used to this meta nonsense. Kwee Wee starts in with some trashcan shots and a sunset flip on the floor for two as the announcers talk about Steiner.

The fans want tables as the champ starts swinging a kendo stick to take over. Kwee Wee gets in a few more shots and they head up the ramp, only to have the Thrillers come out and beat him down. The big toss from O’Haire and Jindrak sends Kwee Wee flying back inside, setting up the Roll of the Dice onto a trashcan lid to retain Reno’s title.

Rating: D. One guy hit the other one with weapons and then the other guy hit the first one with weapons, followed by the Thrillers coming out to make this nothing. You would think they would be out there at the bell since there were no rules but that might make too much sense. I like the idea that Kwee Wee was in the Power Plant class with these guys but doesn’t want to side with them but the gimmick is making this more of a joke than anything else.

Here’s General Rection to talk about how proud he is of winning the title but has to call out the Misfits, including Major Gunns back in the camouflage. After a bunch of hugs, Rection rips the Canadian sticker off and makes it the US Title again. He dedicates this to all the C team players like Konnan and Mysterio (Really? They’re C team? What’s the B team then?) who never get a chance to show what they can do.

Gene starts the slow clap for Rection and the roster comes out to applaud for him. Even Booker and Goldberg, the latter of whom says he appreciates Hugh (yes Hugh) make appearances. You know what might make this better? Renaming the champ Bill DeMott. This was quite a moment but it’s really hard to get fired up for someone named General Rection.

We’re not done yet as Lance Storm pops up on screen to say Rection never beat him for that title. If Rection is man enough, he’ll give Storm another shot at that title. Rection is one step ahead of him as he’s already had the rematch made and signed (complete with a contract) for Mayhem. Goldberg tells Hugh to shut Storm up. This was a lot better than I was expecting and felt like a really strong rub, assuming he doesn’t drop the title soon.

Here’s David Flair with the DNA testing results, which say Buff Bagwell is NOT the father. You know, which you can get in less than 24 hours. Cue MI Smooth (Madden: “You ever notice he looks like an inflated Cuba Gooding Jr.?”) to say he has a bone to pick with David. Apparently Smooth never told him that Buff was the dad and David just jumped to that conclusion.

David Flair vs. MI Smooth

Smooth destroys him as you would expect and we get a Flair Flip in the corner. David’s sunset flip only gets two and it’s a Bubba Bomb to put David away in a hurry.

Jimmy Hart issues an open challenge to wrestle any radio DJ. Oh sweet goodness wasn’t Mancow enough?

Here are the Boogie Knights with something to say. Disco: “I’m not entirely sure why we’re out here.” Apparently Sanders sent them out here, perhaps to praise their abdominal development. This brings out Goldberg to easily toss the two of them over the top and take their mic. Goldberg didn’t know who he was until a few weeks ago but now adversity has introduced him to himself. After last night, Kronik knows who he is to. The record is just a number and now everyone in the back is next. You would think they could have had him beat the Knights to get two more wins here.

The new CEO comes out of his office and we look at his feet. Since this is WCW though, the camera is looking up and has to pan down quickly so we see the new boss’ face.

Here’s Mike Sanders in a suit with something to say. Sanders brags about his win last night, including bragging about knocking out the Cat for the 1-2-3. Actually it was a 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 because it was a countout but close enough I guess. That brings him to business though as the World Title match is now going to be Booker defending against Awesome and Steiner. As for the CEO, all he’s going to run is around getting Sanders coffee. This new CEO is going to drop out of WCW faster than Shawn Stasiak drops out of a spelling bee.

Cue Ric Flair, who we saw earlier. You would think they would edit these things to make sure they don’t give away the big moment of the night but that’s too low brow for them I guess. Flair has been watching Sanders lately and he’s impressed by what he sees. However, Sanders and the rest of the Thrillers are going to start playing by the rules or they’re not going to play at all.

Mike gets sent out but first of all, Flair is going to have him fight the Cat again tonight and it’s going to be by the rules. That brings us back to last night and we’ll start with Lex Luger. Ric asked Luger to watch out for his boy but Luger went a bit too far. Buff Bagwell is owed an apology but it seems that Luger is back.

This brings out Jeff Jarrett, who has to find a working mic. Jarrett thinks Ric Flair is going to be around until after civilization ends (not that far off actually). Flair: “The only time you’re the chosen one is when you’re in a room full of girls.” They threaten each other a bit and Flair keeps insisting that he’s retired. I’ll believe any of this will mean something when I actually see it happen.

Here’s Lex Luger with something to say. Last night Ric made him an offer: take care of David and he’ll be back full time. Luger brags about all his accomplishments and his bank account before saying last night with Buff was just business. Tonight though he wants to make an announcement: he’s next. For Goldberg that is. Buff comes out and fumbles over his challenge to Luger, setting up a match for later. Actually Buff has a referee here with him just in case so let’s do it right now.

Lex Luger vs. Buff Bagwell

Buff starts with that double arm DDT but the Blockbuster hits the referee by mistake. Luger uses the distraction to get in some chair shots, setting up the Rack for the quick win. It amazes me how Buff continues to be treated as such a nothing guy. He’s kind of the Dolph Ziggler of his day.

Shawn Stasiak promises loyalty to the Thrillers. Nash gives Palumbo and Stasiak a quick spanking and offers to let Pamela give him one.

Kronik vs. Perfect Event

Nash sits in on commentary. Stasiak actually knocks Adams into the corner to start as a loud WE WANT SCOTT HALL chant breaks out. It’s off to Clark to stomp Palumbo down in the corner and Stasiak gets knocked out to the floor. Nash: “Walk it off kid.” That sends Stasiak off to the back as the full nelson slam plants Palumbo. High Times puts Palumbo away.

Rating: D. Nothing to see here as the dull Shawn Stasiak face turn continues, even though I have little reason to believe that he’s actually going to turn as WCW is likely to make it a SWERVE. There wasn’t much to the match of course but that’s what you have to expect from a Perfect Event match.

Post break Nash leads the Thrillers to find Stasiak.

Booker isn’t worried about having two challengers at once. Steiner cheated to get where he is while Awesome won his shot fair and square.

The Cat vs. Mike Sanders

Before the match, Cat says he saw Madden naked in the shower earlier today. Hudson: “What was he doing watching you in the shower?” Sanders asks for a handshake but it’s a chop to the chest instead. Cat starts hammering away in the corner before they head outside, allowing Madden to rant about how much he hates Cat because Madden looks GREAT naked. Back in and Mike puts on a chinlock for a bit before Cat fights up with his dancing elbow. A quick Feliner gives Cat the pin in a hurry.

Post match Shane Douglas pops up on screen and says Cat needs to worry about his own house. The camera pans over to Ms. Jones, who gets a backbreaker for slapping Shane in the face.

Cat is livid post break.

Mike Awesome likes the idea of Steiner being in the main event and suggests an alliance to take Steiner out.

WCW World Title: Mike Awesome vs. Booker T. vs. Scott Steiner

Booker is defending. Before the match Steiner rants about how he should have won last week and got ripped off anyway. Booker limps out to the ring and Mike couldn’t feel more added on if he was a free toaster for opening a bank account. Steiner and Booker start fighting before Awesome comes out and Booker hits a quick sidekick to take over. Mike finally comes out maybe two minutes in and it’s time to clean house. Awesome’s flying shoulder gets two on Booker but Steiner comes back in with his belly to belly.

The elbow into the pushups have Booker in trouble but Awesome goes up for a clothesline. The Awesome Splash gets two on Steiner until Booker gets in a side kick to put everyone down. Booker is up first, only to get suplexed by Steiner. Scott beats on the champ outside until Awesome gets in a chair shot. Back in and Scott gets two off the super Angle Slam and there’s the Recliner, only to have Booker kick Steiner in the face. The Bookend to Awesome retains the title.

Rating: D+. Ah so Awesome was put in there as a jobber. I have a hard time believing that WCW planned this all the way back in Australia but it’s a better idea than they have most of the time. The problem here continues to be that Steiner is a fairly one note character who is doing what he can but it’s now more of a matter of time until he gets the title, which makes a lot of these shows feel unimportant.

Steiner has to be held back by security. Booker issues a challenge for him at some point in the future because the fans want to see it.

Overall Rating: D. It’s still a bad show but they got rid of a lot of the stuff that really slowed things down, such as Jeff Jarrett, Shane Douglas wrestling and the Thrillers looking like morons. As we’ve covered multiple times, a lot of the wrestlers just really aren’t that good right now. The stories are trying but there’s only so far guys like Lex Luger, David Flair and an old Scott Steiner can take you.

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