1990 Brutus Beefcake

Hey, Scott:

Hope there’s still time to get a kinda-sorta Kerry Von Erich-related question in this month. So, what was the plan for Beefcake after (presumably) winning the IC title at Summerslam 90? Was there a long reign in the cards? Seems unlikely considering how Perfect was probably the only credible upper mid-card heel at that point. And, why was the famously unreliable Von Erich the choice for the second-most coveted strap in the company? Thanks!

​The WWF really thought they could "save" Kerry and get something out of him, and just like everyone else they discovered that he was an implosion waiting to happen​ in record time. That’s why they had to get the belt off him so fast.

That being said, Beefcake was gonna get the title because Hulk, but I don’t think anyone was banking on a long run for him, either. It probably would have ended up roughly the same way, with the Beefcake B-shows headlined as champion bombing and the title going right to Hennig again.