Where is Seth?

I find it interesting that updates on the health of Seth Rollins have gone silent over the last few months.

One way to pop that Dallas crowd would be to have him run out during the title match, just like last year, and just attack everyone to blow it up. A clean win for either guy is gonna deflate the crowd to a certain extent, but Rollins causing a DQ by attacking both guys to lay claim to "his" title would be a welcome resolution to the title picture of the last 5-6 months.

The crowd would go crazy and the match isn’t even being promoted like a true main event (it got about 10 minutes of total time on the next to last Raw before Mania.) Put it on in the middle of the show and be done with it.

​1. Seth’s knee got ripped to shreds and unless he’s using the John Cena Miracle Recovery Chamber to rehab it, he’s not coming back until May.

2. Have you SEEN the lineup for Wrestlemania? If Seth was anywhere near ready he’d be booked for the show.

3. Ratings dropped to TWENTY YEAR record lows when he was champion. Fair or not, no way he gets anywhere near that belt again for a long time. ​