I completely understand that the dream of wrestlers everywhere is to make it to the WWE, but that seems to be where it ends these days.

I know the business has ‘evolved’ (& all the other bullsh*t excuses out there) but what is it about the WWE that makes talent accept their forever roles in the 50/50-midcard-hell??

These guys could probably make just as good a living working for New Japan etc, but the ambition just doesn’t seem to be there with todays crop of "stars".

​If they could make just as good a living working New Japan, Nakamura and Styles wouldn’t have happily signed contracts with WWE in hopes of padding their nest eggs. You absolutely cannot make the same money on the indies or Japan unless you’re Daniel Bryan, who already has exposure from working for WWE. Midcard guys are absolutely better off just shutting up and doing 50/50 jobs while playing video games if they want a steady living. ​